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January 19, 2016

SEC Power Poll, Final Ballot of 2015

  1. Alabama - Man, Alabama just held that game plan in place until it was needed. Probably not the best Alabama team Saban has had, but certainly them most impressively coached one.
  2. Mississippi - Ole Miss took their meds, whipped the crap out of over matched Big 12 team.
  3. LSU - It is funny to me that so many fans forget LSU is where they are because of what Les Miles has done in the last ten seasons.
  4. Mississippi State - Imagine how good the Bulldogs would have been if they were more than Dak Prescott doing Dak Prescott things.
  5. Tennessee - So, Tennessee fell apart offensively a few times, but Butch fires his DC, which was top 20 in the nation. Pressure is on, bro.
  6. Georgia - 10 wins again. Better win 11, Coach Smart.
  7. Florida - I know, I know. Be honest, how bad was this team since the first of November, honestly?
  8. Arkansas - Always go to Vegas with Arkansas.
  9. Texas A&M - Old CW: Kevin Sumlin is an offensive mastermind. New CW: Kevin Sumlin is a QB killer.
  10. Auburn - I guess winning a bowl game means something. I'm just not convinced Auburn playing in Montgomery really is a bowl game.
  11. Vandy - Maybe James Franklin will come back after Penn State runs him off.
  12. Missouri - The most interesting thing about this season is them turning down a bowl bid at 5-7.
  13. Kentucky - Stoops probably should find out if his agent has a couple of desperate ADs on speed dial.
  14. South Carolina - At least South Carolina didn't lose a bowl game.


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