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January 17, 2016

Georgia's third down offense


Now Bill Connelly puts some numbers to that....
Q1 S&P+115.431124.915
Q2 S&P+119.82195.782
Q3 S&P+130.09142.05
Q4 S&P+106.15398.277
1st Down S&P+126.66117.020
2nd Down S&P+127.49109.240
3rd Down S&P+86.3111111.337

Yes. Georgia's offense was top ten in the nation on 1st down and 2nd down. We only converted 49 third downs on the season. And it wasn't just passing offense that was the problem y'all. We converted 21 of 63 rushing attempts. Before you go all shotgun quick draw on me, that 63 includes just 18 attempts on 3rd and 7+ (which includes a few sacks/busted qb running for his life plays). We weren't great shakes with passing conversion, obviously.

For a power running team, we sure did a poor job of 
  1. Blocking effectively on 3rd and short/medium, 
  2. Scheming/calling plays that gave our running back the opportunity to have a shot at getting first down yardage, or
  3. Leveraging the run possibility to get one on on match ups that made our QB comfortable enough to not have to think about it.
Place that blame where you want, but I'm ok with saying it is a bad combination of all that.


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