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March 14, 2016

Dawgs in the NIT

Like I said last week, if we'd got to around 50 in the RPI, we'd be a close call for an at-large bid, probably playing in Dayton tomorrow night. We only got to 64.

Instead, Vandy got there with an RPI of 61. We were beating Kentucky away from the tourney.

And give Mark Fox credit, that Kentucky game was his best coached game of the season, both in game and strategy. Regretfully, you can't coach around your best shooter/point guard spraining his ankle. If Frazier doesn't get hurt, I believe the game turns out differently.

As it is we'll host Belmont on Wednesday at 6pm in the first round of the NIT. You can get tickets, which are general admission, through UGA's ticket office for $15.

BTW, we are doing a bracket, but I'm waiting to get the link. I'll get it out as soon as I have it.


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