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October 18, 2016

This is a start...

I've been on about a leadership void in Georgia's locker room considering the lack of upperclassmen. Well, this qualifies as brighter news in that regard:
“I hope it’s a tough few weeks,” junior outside linebacker Lorenzo Carter said. “I plan on pushing our players. The leadership is going to push our players and if you’re not ready to respond then that’s going to be a rough two weeks for you. We’re going to come out in these two weeks and work. That’s all we can do is grind.”
Not so much for the ball player patois, but because of who delivered it. Carter is exactly the guy you'd like to see step up, IMHO.  I grant he may have been doing it all season, but in a week when it looked like the team hadn't practiced two things they knew they'd see (kickoffs and a screen pass to Ralph Webb), I'll take anything.


(h/t Berniedawg)


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