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October 17, 2016

The delicate line between rebuilding and winning now

I don't believe any reasonable person would tell you they thought Georgia was going to make significant progress with a new head coach. We could all debate what we thought significant progress means, especially considering the winning percentage of Mark Richt, but very few would have thought losing to a bad Vanderbilt and nearly doing so against a much worse Nicholls team was on the table.

Hell, I thought we'd be 9-3.

That being said, Kirby is balancing winning now with building the program he envisions.

Those two things are in direct competition with each other, with the hearts, minds, and dollars of Georgia fans at stake. Think I'm kidding?
“I know that Kirby is going to build it - I really do believe that because I know what he’s about from over the last two decades. I know he’s going to get it. He has major drive. He has an edge,” another said. “But I’m not going back to games until he does. When he builds it I will be there. I don’t have time for that stuff right now. I’ve got kids. We are busy.”
That is from one of Legge's insiders.

It bears watching as we go through the season. Here's the thing: There isn't another game on the schedule that is a 'no way we can win' game. The flip side is that 6-6 is on the table. When you add in an increase in cost for 2017, that could spell a significant decrease in season tickets sold for next season.

While it isn't time to send Kevin Bacon into the homecoming crowd yelling 'all is well, keep calm,' those problems go higher up than the football program.


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