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February 14, 2017

I'm Going Over the Edge to Support Children First

Some of you may know that for nearly four years, I was the Executive Director of Children First, an Athens non-profit working with children in the foster care system. Their programs, Athens-Oconee CASA, Family Time, SafeCare, and SPARC, helps over 200 families a year with guardian ad litem, therapeutic parenting, counseling, visitation, and other services, all at no charge to the families.

The work Children First does provides over $1.5M annually in services to those families, on a budget of $400K. This is in addition to the long term benefits associated with children and families remaining out of the foster care system, in healthy family relationships, and with stable home lives.

Next month, my wife and I are teaming up to go Over the Edge for Children First. As Kristin put it when she registered us:
Neither Tony nor I want to repel off of a building, but Children First is an organization that does so much good in the areas surrounding Clarke and Oconee Counties to serve the needs of children and families involved with the foster care system that we feel driven to participate. Since we couldn't decide who would 'go over the edge' we decided to make it a competition and let your donations decide. If the donations received begin with an odd number, Kristin will go over the edge, if the first number is even, then Tony will. 
You donation will support the staff and volunteers of Children First working for the families they serve. The best investment you can make to improve your community is in the community's people. This is a direct investment in people.

The event is on March 18th in Athens. Neither of us go over the edge until we reach $1000. While I'm not excited about repelling off a building, I'll happily do it if we get to $2000+. Please consider supporting Children First.



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