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February 14, 2017

Sanford Stadium Expansion

You've seen the news. A couple of observations:
  • I like the new gate under the scoreboard, allowing fans to come into the stadium off the bridge.
  • The new video board will be 100'x52'. That's up from the current 75'x46'. That's cool, but unless you improve the sound system and the sounds coming out, meh.
  • It looks like the new seating for recruiting will be pretty front and center. That will provide a great visual of the whole stadium, but not a great view of the score board. Not sure that means anything, just an observation.
  • With the Athletic Association looking to raise about 85% of the cost from new donations, there are a lot of naming opportunities.
Overall, the only thing that'll change the game experience for most fans is the new scoreboard. However, the recruiting lounge area looks very cool, especially if they put students on both sides of them.



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