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July 12, 2017

Media Daze

For some reason, I'm just not as stoked about the unofficial start to football season as I normally am. Ten years ago, I anxiously awaited media days and whatever nuggets came from Hoover.

Now, I'm all meh.

Part of that is the overwhelming amount of minutia that comes out of media days.  I literally can see everything that happens. But there is also the sideshow spectacle of it all.  We've become more interested in the crowds for Alabama Day, Ole Miss death penalty threats, trolling the B1.5G, how drunk Bret Bielema looks, and inane Clay Travis questions. Ten years ago, there was some of that, but the worst we got from reporters was bitching about wifi and the food.

The other part is I'm genuinely flummoxed by what to expect this football season: both out of Georgia and out of the rest of the firmament. Part of me wants to believe that Kirby's ability to learn on the job will help him become the coach that many people believe him to already be.  Part of me is desperately afraid he never will. I do know he won't have much leash to play with if this becomes a four year project.

As for the national football firmament, I'm worried if Georgia does take that step this year, the narrative will be 'the SEC is down' because look at the SEC East!1!  Basically, the same argument we heard in the 2002-2005 run. Fundamentally, coverage is designed to generate clicks. As I've long said (about the AJC, but it applies to SBNation and most other websites), nothing gets hits like a positive Alabama story or a negative Georgia one.

Honestly, the only thing that would turn that narrative around is an undefeated run out of Georgia, where the offense looks like the best of the Mike Bobo days and the defense looks like the 1983 Junkyard Dawgs. Win ugly, and I'll be happy, but I don't think those that talk about the sport will.



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