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June 23, 2017

Pumping the Brakes?

Let's say you are vanilla college football team. Let's say you have a young head coach. Let's say you have this returning from last season's team:
  • 2nd year starting QB 
  • All but 200 rushing yards from last season, including two RBs with 3-1000 yard rushing seasons between them.
  • Nearly 90% of tackling production returning
But, let's say you also have big question marks at WR, poorish recruiting and attrition, and OL, because of absolutely poor recruiting two to four years ago.

What would you think about this team?

I'm trying to be realistic about Georgia's season this year. We have a sneaky tough schedule. We have a young QB who is looking to have that game where it all works. We have an OL that has a lot to prove, but hasn't shown they can. We have a coaching staff that showed flashes of brilliance (North Carolina, Auburn) and maddening glimpses of youth (Vandy, Georgia Tech)

We also play in a division with two of the (assumed) top teams starting new QBs, three teams rebuilding defenses, two teams decimated by the draft, and three teams that had terrible recruiting classes two to four years ago.

All of this is to say, I'm not sold on UGA as the prohibitive favorite to win the East. I'm certain not sold on anyone picking UGA to open 0-2.


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