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November 4, 2005

Have a Drink on Me: Bootleg Roundtable Recap

Earlier this week, I created a discussion called "If You Could Have a Beer with Any Coach Who Would it Be?"

Bloggers from far and wide, chimed in with their answers.
Orson at EverydayShouldBeSaturday talks about the merits of boozing with The Orgeron while avoiding Dennis Erickson at all costs.

Sexy-Results a UVA blogger living in Athens, Georgia, goes opposite from me and names Mike Leach on his Must Booze With list. Also suggests that boozing with ND's coach would be a great idea "because drinks are on Rich Uncle Charlie for the next decade." (Language on this link is not kid friendly)

Brian at MGoBlog published his list this morning. He talks about the importance of avoiding drinking with Jim Tressel...because he "would probably creepily touch my arm and say 'you look strong' after a few."

JeromeFromDecatur talks about his desire to do Keg Stands with Bum Phillips.

DJL of the Baseball Think Factory chimed in via the comments field on the first note with the suggestion of Mike Price. "I'd love to just kick back and watch the master in action."

Heath of The College Game also left his answers in my comments area. His best line, "2. Bo Schembechler (Michigan) - Just so I could watch him go apeshit asking him about why he kicked to the Rocket, TWICE."

We also had some real world boozing with coaches encounters.
Eagle in Atlanta talks about getting his hair cut with Vince Dooley. Not really boozing, but who cares.

Nathan from Golden Tornado talks about sharing a beer with Spurrier.

And Mike Floyd sent me a cool note about boozing with Switzer in Athens. Switzer was working for the Dallas Cowgirls, and he was in town scouting the Bulldogs. Unfortunately, I'm a dumbass and deleted the email.

Until we drink again, I leave you with a beer wench.


Kyle King said...

Sorry I arrived late to the party (so to speak), but I've enjoyed listening in on the conversation.

In case you're interested, my take on the whole thing may be found at Kyle on Football.

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