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February 25, 2006

Georgia Spring Football Battle to Watch

Spring football for the Dawgs is just a few weeks away. I posted TennVolChamp's pre-spring look at the Vols earlier this week. Next week, I should have a look at the Gators ready to go.

On Thursday, Josh Kendall of the Macon Telegraph wrote an article about the WR battle brewing for Spring. The race to see who will fill the opposite slot from Massaquoi is an interesting one. But it's not the most anticipated of the spring for the Dawgs.

Without question the QB battle will be the subject of the most articles pre and post-spring. Richt recently went as far as to say that the race won't be decided until Fall.

I honestly don't think that Joe Tereshinski keeps the job despite entering Spring at #1. I don't think he has the skills. To me, it will come down to Joe Cox or Matt Stafford.

I think both freshmen will play this year with one leaving as a legendary Franklin D. Roosevelt figure and the other as sort of a John Nance Garner footnote in Georgia history. A valuable contributor, but not a legend. Stafford has me the most curious because I've seen more video of the Texas signal caller.

Either will do for me. And best of luck to all 4 QBs.



Anonymous said...

No doubt it's going to be interesting. My prediction?

Western KY: JTIII
UAB: Cox

From there, who knows.....

Anonymous said...

JTIII or DJS will take over for Bobo down the road.

Anonymous said...

Lets not throw JoeT out the window just yet. I think this guy actually has one thing that the other 3 qb's might not have, or atleast has a little bit more of it, and that is HEART. And what I mean by that is this guy breathes red and black and has his entire life. He was raised a GA fan, and believe me he is living out a dream just to wear the colors on saturday! QB'ing for GA means the world to this kid and you better believe that he will do every and anything his body can do for that program. Perfect example: last year against Florda. Keep in mind Richt didnt really open the offense up completely to JoeT, and when JoeT did throw passes, all of the receivers dropped them, and were catchable balls. But dont forget who did score the only TD for the dawgs, it was JoeT, and how did he do it? He caught the pass putting his body on the line. This kid will line up on the O-Line if you asked him to. So my point here is that having alot of heart can be just as an advantage as all of the other talented skills. When the going gets tough, who do you want playing?, someone who will die for UGA, or someone who's just playing the game.

Anonymous said...

Heart might get you a movie character, but talent ranks ahead of childhood allegiance. If JTII beats out the other guys, great! If anything I think his knowledge of the system is more of an edge than wanting it.

Unknown said...

The whole appeal of Joe T, is bringing back the Cherrishinksi. But since the drink is cursed, there's no upside with Joe T.

I guess we could create a drink in honor of Matt Stafford called...."The Staff Infection."

Or not.

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