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March 28, 2006

Is Dave Odom Basketball's Crash Davis?

During Bull Durham, Annie Savoy finds out that Crash Davis is on the verge of breaking the record for most career minor league home runs. Crash won't let her tell The Sporting News about it because "it's sort of a dubious honor."

Dave Odom stands two wins away from his third NIT Championship, and on the verge of being the first coach to win back to back NIT Championships since that tourney lost relevance about 50-60 years ago. A dubious honor in its own right. On Tuesday night he'll lead South Carolina against Louisville in Madison Square Garden with this bizarre piece of history in play. It's the "other" final four. Winner faces Old Dominion or Michigan.

In recognition of this special moment, the Georgia Sports Blog is proud to present you with Dave Odom's legendary monologue titled "What I Believe."
"Well, I believe in the excuse...the Chicken Curse ...the Feather... the small of a man's neck... the Chuck Taylor two handed jump shot...Geritol... cheap beer... that the college career of Tim Duncan was self-indulgent overrated crap and his failures weren't my fault... I believe Lou Holtz acted like a crazy old coot (and I would know). I believe there ought to be a Constitutional amendment outlawing Steve Spurrier getting more money or better parking than me. I believe in the sweet jump shot, soft core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve, and I believe in long, slow, deep, runs into March Sadness (aka the N.I.T.) that last three weeks. Goodnight." -- Dave Odom


Dawgnoxious said...

What would really be ironic is if Dave Odum coaches in women's underwear too.

Anonymous said...

My only question is who is Nuke LaLoosh in this scenario? Or Annie?

I'd nominate Don Leebern and Suzanne Yoculan, except they dont belong to South Carolina. Pity, though.

The adaptation of the core beliefs is pure genius, though. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I think Felton sees himself as Eddy Calvin Lalouche, and UGA is his Durham, North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, I cannot imagine the halftime pageantry that will be the back to back NIT ring ceremony. I wonder if this will FINALLY get Odum in the Ball Coach's foursome this weekend?

Only SCU can be so embarrassingly mediocre while being at their absolute best.

Wes Wolfe said...

Annie Savoy would be the Carolina men's basketball SID -- she's one tough mother. LaLouche would be (graduated) great white hope John Chappell.

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