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May 14, 2006

Diamond Dawgs Win 10th in a Row

The baseball team continues to roll along winning its 10th straight at Auburn by a score of 4-3.

JimFromDuluth has a great baseball note on the message board in which he breaks down the SEC Baseball Tourney seedings (if the tourney were today).

The Dawgs have the 3 seed right now, and with 4 games left and a 3 game deficit on the Kentucky Wildcats, the Diamond Dogs still have an outside shot at the SEC Regular Season Championship. Especially since they close the season out against Kentucky at home next weekend.

First things first though....we close out the series with Auburn today.

BTW -- To the Techies on the Hive who were saying that Georgia doesn't have near the players that GT might want to check last week's Baseball America Top 25 poll which had GT at 15th and UGA at 16th. That was before UGA beat the Jackets.

As for the argument that GT would've beaten Georgia if they had two of their better players on Thursday in the might remember that they DID play those two kids in the game in Athens. A game UGA won by an even wider margin than the Turner Field affair.

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