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May 1, 2006

Worst Decisions to Go Pro Early

1. Ko Simpson - The kid has all-world potential, but he came out too soon. Before the draft said, "he should have stayed for another season to improve his fundamentals/techniques and could have been the top safety in the 2007 draft." Apparently, he slipped because of his penchant for biting on fakes and his poor tackling form. Was drafted in the 4th Round.

Ko Simpson

2. Omar Jacobs - Came out after his junior season to be drafted in the 5th Round? What a waste. Upon what planet did he reside that his stats would've put him in the 1st or 2nd Rounds?

3. Dee Webb - Florida CB left early only to land in the 7th round. Ouch. If he didn't do it for family reasons, he put himself behind a career long 8 ball for nothing.

4. Stanley McGlover - Auburn Defensive End elected to go pro as a JR. Was picked with about 20 players remaining in the 7th round. Another kid that ignored most of the good advice available to him.

McGlover was hell on UGA QBs the past 2 years. Good to see him go.

Who did I miss? Anyone make a bigger mistake to come out early than these guys?



Anonymous said...

Leonard Pope...our very own. I think he should have stayed one more to work on his game and abilities. He went in the third but maybe could have been a 1st rounder after one more year.

Nathan said...

Charles Gordon (CB - Kansas)

Led the country in interceptions 2 years ago, but played both ways last year and struggled a bit. Left early anyways, ran poorly at the combine and didn't get drafted at all (UD-FA with the Vikings).

Darth Scooter said...

I agree Pope probably would've benefited from staying, but he's one of those cases where he did it for the money. I heard a story somewhere about how he had to take the bus home, because he couldn't afford a car and his family couldn't send anybody for him. Its guys like that you can't really question their decision.

shliknik said...

I agree about Charles Gordon. As a DAWG alum living in KS, I got to hear (and see the JayHawks play) some this past year. He was a good player who I actually didn't know he was leaving until very late.

Rooting for KS in football is kinda like rooting for Vandy. They'll put up a good effort...maybe scare some top teams, but you know what ultimately will happen at the end.

Nathan said...

Where in KS? I live in Lawrence / work in OP. I haven't met a single 'dawg alumn out here in two years (only one other Tech guy either though).

Gordon's problem was that while he has terrific ballskills and instincts ... he's on the smallish side and ran around the 4.6 mark. That's not going to get you drafted, unfortunately. No way he should have left early.

McClover is going to be a steal for someone as a situational passrusher - the guy is a demon from the outside on passing downs. Doesn't hurt that he looks like the Predator either.

Voluminous said...

Rob Smith - Guard from Tennessee. Left as a Junior and was Undrafted. Signed as a free agent

Anonymous said...

There are some factors most of us are not going to be able to know. Some kids are in positions where htey aren't going to be able to stay academically nad they know it. Better to leave early voluntarily than leave later without the opportunity to get drafted. And occasionally there are family consideerations that few of us are going to know about.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Dee Webb on there. You would think he would've learned a lesson from Matt Walsh and Peep Roberson about bad draft advice. Sadly a million pass deflections don't make up for getting beat 30 times for TDs.

Steven said...

Another one:

Derek Morris (OL, NC State) left early and did not get drafted.

Anonymous said...

Leonard Pope.

And the reverse: Matt Leinart, he probably only cost himself EIGHT FIGURES...

Still, the Cards offensive skill set is loaded now.

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