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July 18, 2006

Georgia Gets Commitment from 4th Elite 11 QB in 4 Years

4 in 4

Georgia has gotten a commitment from Logan Gray. Logan is a 4 star QB from Missouri. He's a scrambler type with a live arm. Someone described his game as sort of a white Shockley with possibly more top end speed, less juke and not quite as big an arm.'s Story
-- This looks like a free story.'s story's Missouri site
The other three elite 11 QBs were Stafford, Cox and AJ Bryant. Overall, it's the 5th Elite 11 QB in 7 classes for Richt.


ht to thedogfather for the heads up on the 4 in 4 stat. I thought it was 3 in 4.


Jeff said...

I wonder if any of them will end up transferring, and if so, whom. Props to Gray for not shying away from such a deep team at QB. Of course, the best players know they're the best and don't run from competition.

For a time, it even seemed Shock would transfer cause of being "stuck" behind David Greene; it's hard for me to imagine ALL of these guys sticking with the Dawgs for their full eligibility. Or maybe Richt will become the master of the unprecedented four-QB system.

And as I finish this post, I realize all of them could easily complete their careers as Bulldogs, but with some at other positions.

Michael Pigott said...

You guys don't rebuild, you just reload. Roll Tide.

Unknown said...

We've got pretty solid class separation except for Cox and Stafford. Cox is the only guy I could see leaving.

I'm pretty sure that Blake's parents moved from Mississippi to ATL to be closer to their son. I'm doubting him transfers at this point.

JT and Staff aren't going anywhere, and in the article Logan Gray says that he's expecting to redshirt and get his shot after Stafford.

That means, his RFr year, Staff would be a JR. That gives Logan 2-3 years worth of chances at being the starter at UGA.


82 said...

Zero will transfer.

Blake is too into the school and town. He loves Athens and has great relationship with Chappy etc. He is pretty involved in that area as he is a strong Christian.

Stafford and Cox are good friends. They get along great and when Stafford gets the nod Cox will be more than happy to be his #2, assuming he cant beat him out for #1. Cox is a great team player and has won his fair share of games as a starter, he only wants to make the team better. I personally think we can thank Shock for showing the ultimate in sportsmanship putting the 'team' first, it has now transcended into the 2006 version of the Dawgs even though he is gone.

Now for the new kid on the block... he better put on about 30 lbs before the thinks about doing anything else, then we can talk.

Unknown said...

Logan isn't even a SR in HS year. He's got 3-4 summers of weights and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to put on 30 lbs. That worries me none.

10 lbs a year and he'll be twisted steel.

Anonymous said...

I love how our "hefty" quarterback recruit gets gently prodded for his physique and now we sign a "svelte" signal caller and we envision him getting as many reps as possible with a Gut Box to bulk up. Trust me Logan, pay the additional 30 cents and get extra dipping sauce.

The ying and yang that is Mike Bobo quarterback recruiting.

82 said...

If you count DJ Ga has recruited 5 of its last 6 qb's from the elite 11! And we got the ONE who isn't at our #1? Pbssst!

...and I'm sure Logan can put on some weight but until then, Stafford is all I care to talk about. By the way, saw Stafford this weekend, and he has efficient size, he's not as fat as everyone is saying. Maybe Logan is 17 and can put on 30 more lbs, but I'd rather be concentration on the guy who is 18 and already is at a fit 225.

Unknown said...


Maybe that means that I'm the Goldie Locks of College Bloggers.

I like QBs not to fat and not to skinny, but juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.


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