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July 22, 2006

Memorial Service for Kevin Brophy also Tribute Video

Kevin Brophy. Image has a tribute video up in honor of Kevin Brophy. The video is narrated by Dennis Felton.

Also, UGA has announced that the Memorial Service for Kevin will be held on Monday, July 24.

Felton's comments on Brophy's time at UGA are here.
“It’s a tragic time for us – everything about it is tragic. Losing someone so abruptly and unexpectedly and so young. On top of that, losing someone beloved by his friends and family. He was so special to us.

“Kevin was the most loved player in the program, from top to bottom. He was so genuine, optimist, and enthusiastic…we all just enjoyed those qualities when we were around him.

“Kevin was a highly respected player on our team. He was probably closer to every player on our team than anyone else. He was loved by his team and everyone in the program.

“We were all excited about next year, but no one more so than Kevin. He was in the midst of a great summer and was really working hard to increase his contributions next season. He was literally taking over the team this summer, leading by example. No one was more excited about next year than Kevin.

“He was a good student who was well on his way toward obtaining his degree. He had really settled down with his girlfriend and I think both of them saw each other in their long-term futures. He had put himself in position, both on and off the court, to do whatever he wanted to do in life.

“He has made as much of an impact in this program than anyone here, and he’s was not someone who averaged double-figures every game – that speaks a lot into how important he was.

“He was what we are all about here, in terms of building a program. This is another poignant and terrible example of how precious life is, and how you should value every day and opportunity. You don’t need these types of experiences to remind you.

“Right now, we are terribly sad for Kevin and his family, and for ourselves – we miss him.”
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