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July 22, 2006

Uga VI -- Will He Retire in 2006 or 2007?

Uga VI. Image

From the Department of Idle Speculation:

Saturday was Uga VI's eighth birthday. He took over the family business from his father at a Passing of the Bone ceremony before the South Carolina game in 1999. Since then, Uga VI has won 67 games and two SEC Championships, and he has a career record against our big rivals of:
    GT - 5-2
    UT - 5-2
    AU - 2-5
    UF - 1-6
    LSU - 3-2
    SC - 5-2
    Clemson - 2-0
This year Georgia celebrates 50 years with the Uga mascot line, but might we see another Passing of the Bone this season? The average life span for an Uga Mascot (not counting Otto, Uga IV's brother who filled in during an injury, is roughly 8.8 years:Bigger dogs tend to live shorter lives, and Uga VI at 55-60 pounds is about 15 lbs bigger than his old man. That said, Uga I would beef up to 85 pounds during the offseason and trim down to 65 pounds for the first game; yet, he had the longest tenure of any Dawg at 11 years.

Obviously, we all want Uga VI to live forever just as we all want Munson to call games forever. Additionally, the Seiler family will, as they always have, make the right call. But...if they are targeting a Passing of the Bone ceremony this year, I have a suggestion. Let's pick the Georgia Tech game.

Why? Well...Uga VI has the best record against the Vols in our history. Let's don't mess up a good thing. Although a good argument could be made to have the event at the Vandy game. That way he could beat the Vols and switch off before the Cocktail Party. Heaven knows we need to try something new down there, and from the looks of things damn near any animal with a collar can beat a Yellow Jacket.

1999 Passing of the Bone. Image (I think)


Update; Some guys over on the dawgvent are talking like this is a done deal that he retires after this year. So who knows.


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