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July 24, 2006

Tremendous Head Coaching Changes Coming Soon Across the Country

Auburn's Borges will be on a bunch of lists soon. (Image:

I saw an article in the Birmingham News about Auburn Offensive Coordinator Al Borges' desire to become a head coach. Apparently, he has been an OC for the past 20 years, and he still hasn't gotten his shot. (ht - jimfromduluth). A conversation on DawgRun got me to thinking that his shot at being a Head Coach may be closer than he thinks.

Consider all the jobs that could open up in the next 2 years that will cause a musical chairs situation like the 2001 season when around 25 coaches changed jobs including traditional powers such as Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Miami and USC.

New faces on the horizon (in no particular order)
    Big 12:
    • Texas A&M
    • Missouri
    • Nebraska

    Big 10:
    • Penn State
    • Michigan State

    • Kentucky
    • Miss State
    • Arkansas

    Ken Whisenhunt, Steelers OC and GT's dream candidate to replace Gailey? (Image:

    • Miami
    • Florida State
    • Georgia Tech
    • NC State
    • UNC

Consider that someone is going to have to fill all those jobs, which may open up jobs at:
  • Louisville - the huge contract was symbolic as the buyout is only $1 million. Any Top 10 program could come in and offer a little more cash and pick him off.
  • Auburn - Tubs a top candidate at Texas A*M and Miami
  • West Virginia - Being talked about in Tally. And if PSU goes outside of their family, they would do well to look in Rich Rod's direction.

In other words, Borges -- who has ties to the SEC, Pac-10 and Big 10, could finally be close to getting the shot he wants.

Other articles of interest on this topic:
Compare all of that pending instability, with what we have here with Richt. Good times indeed.



Anonymous said...

I can understand why Franchione jumped ship at Alabama and headed for A&M. I know Tuberville was an assistant there, but why in the name of all things good would he want that job? I've seen the rumor floating around of course, but I've yet to hear a solid explanation of why that one would be appealing to him.

Unknown said...

More money.
Better facilities.
Better recruiting.
No Bobby Lowder.

And if you're going to play second fiddle politically in state, do it in Texas where the fiddle is still huge.


Jeff said...

As of right now, I would have no problem with ditching Gailey (esp. for someone like Whisenhunt), but I doubt he's going anywhere unless we do worse than 7-5 w/ a win over UGA, or 8-4 without.

Also, after the way we've recruited this off-season, I believe there will be a lot of momentum to keep Gailey. If we'd seen another mediocre, bottom-of-the-ACC class, that would have given Chan more dumpability.

Anonymous said...

This blog has become an interesting compilation of riffs on Urban Meyer's legendary Point and Stare.

I think Borges is teaching the "no look claw" in that picture, isn't he? I guess since misdirection and confusion are key facets of his offensive scheme, he doesnt want to fool his own players...just the guys on the other sideline.

Very sneaky, indeed.

Anonymous said...

* More money.
Tuberville makes nearly $500k more than Franny. he's in the top five among coaches, nationally.
* Better facilities.
Auburn plays in a bigger stadium, one of the 10 largest in the country. certainly the facilities are, at worst, equivalent.
* Better recruiting.
Since he's been at Auburn, Tubs has done just fine. Consistently finishes ahead of A&M in the recruiting rankings, although those are worth diddly poo. Results on the field have been pretty different, though.
* No Bobby Lowder.
You've got a point there.

Unknown said...

Tuberville only makes more money b/c he got a raise more recently.

TAMU will pay for performance. They just aren't getting any performance from Fran.

As for facilities, you have to be kidding.

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