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July 24, 2006

You can almost smell football now...

"In My South" framing this is consider "art."

If you're not fired up for football yet (and frankly, if you're reading this blog you're likely way past fired up), Ron Higgins' article in the Memphis Commerical Appeal will push you over the edge. Some highlights:
By Ron Higgins

With apologies to the Turner South network and its "My South" promotion ...

We don't think we invented college football, we just believe we perfected it.

It's cool for women to call the Hogs and for men to bark like Dogs.

An RV is considered a fall vacation home.

It's an honor to be arrested for trying to tear down a goalpost.

Roll Tide, War Eagle, Hunker down Hairy Dawgs and Geaux Tigers are acceptable substitutes for hello.

A cowbell is a fashion accessory.

And Grandma, why is that live tiger in a cage sitting next to the bench?
Another great quote from the article comes from Jackie Sherrill:
"[College Football is] like a religion. It's like being a Catholic, or Methodist or Baptist or Presbyterian or Jewish. If you're an Alabama fan or a Florida fan or an LSU fan, you are true to that team always. You have an unshakable belief, a faith."
Amen, Jackie. Verily.

From that hellified start, Tony Barnhart gets us ready for SEC and ACC media days this week. He brings us his Top 10 questions for the SEC and ACC. His comments about the Gamecocks took me off guard saying the Spurrier "just wants to win more than he loses." That doesn't sound like the Evil Genius of days gone by.

Down on the Bayou, they're saying that the Tiger faithful are finally starting to warm up to Les Miles (Baton Rouge Advocate). He had some pretty solid one liners at the last stop on the pre-season Tiger Road Show including this zinger about the lack of deep balls last year.
He let on that he understood the frustrations of LSU fans who wondered why the Tigers didn’t throw enough deep balls to take advantage of the world-class track speed of NCAA champion Xavier Carter, whose swiftness on the track never translated equally to the football field.

“It was very difficult to design routes that were 100 yards or 200 yards,” Miles joked. “We won’t have that problem anymore.”
Back here in Atlanta, Mark Bradley bring us "All is Right with Richt." An article about just how well things are going for UGA right now. It's Bradley's best pro-UGA piece in years.

Yeah. We've got it pretty dialed in right now. Photo by Jim Hipple

And if you're interested, I did a little thing about coaching changes across the country. You know...from the Idle Speculation Department.



Anonymous said...

yo PWD, can you post about the starting QB job, i want to hear the latest news on that... i hope matt stafford is starting, i think if he is our started we could have the same type of situation auburn had last year, with a first time started coming in learning the offense and being a really good player at the end of the season... i think if he starts we could have a better year than they had, but.... you know, either way GO DAWGS

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I am hereby betting $50 cash money that Tech's "Dr. Football" makes a derogatory reference toward this column in his very first column of the 2006 season. Anybody want to take me up on this?

Unknown said...

Anon - I'd post anything I can find, but there's not much being said that's not the same old same old. I think SEC media days start on Wednesday. So we'll have 3 days of Richt being intentionally vague on the topic. Hopefully, that will create a new article or two on the topic.

I will tell you that Logan Gray the incoming FR recruit sounds like he's being told that stafford will "play." this year. No word on whether he starts or not.

My uninformed prediction:
Joe T starts first two games. Staff comes on in relief in both of them. Takes over for UAB.

Doug - you read that crap? More like Nurse Football if you ask me.

Dan said...

Doug, could I just mail you a check for $50 now? "Doctor" Football is the epidemy of Jan Brady syndrome.

I can't wait for the season to get going. Mostly because you finally can get into tangible trash talk. While there is some sheer joy in the amount of Norris\Brasky'esque posts about how CJ will break every receiving record while solving the problems in the Middle East, it just rings hollow. It's like eating Cool Whip, because you don't have any ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Dan - "epidemy"? I guess that is a phonetic spelling for "epitome", but a little reading is a good thing sometimes. Try it.

Dan said...

Anonymous I have to be honest, I am actually completely illiterate. I'm just an excellent faker.

Unknown said...

Deleted anon - about your xanga site. Shoot me an email. I didn't delete your comment on accident.


decaturdawg at hotmail dot com

I'll explain.


Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

I only read it for the laughs. No matter how depressed or down-on-myself I'm feeling, I can still read some of Dr. Football's spew and sigh to myself, "Ah, well, at least I'm not as pathetic as that schmuck."

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