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November 19, 2006


LMAO. This is the best rumor that I've heard in a long, long time. and SportsCenter is reporting that Spurrier is the #1 Candidate to Replace Coker at Miami.
In a move that would shake college football, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has been targeted as a leading candidate to succeed Larry Coker should he be dismissed as Miami head coach, a source close to the situation said Sunday. Coker is expected to be fired after Thursday's game against Boston College.
When Spurrier went to South Carolina, Kirk Herbstreit said on ESPN College Gameday what the rest of the college football world was thinking....."If Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier can't win at South Carolina, no one can." These are Hall of Fame coaches, and they can't move the needle beyond an occassional 8 win season. Who on earth could SC get?

(Image: Golf season is longer in Miami)

One fan has published his list of candidates. Most of these guys wouldn't get elected Dog Catcher in Columbia. Much less get named coach. Obviously, that's not an official list...just idle chatter, but it's comedy gold reading the SC message boards today.

Why would Spurrier leave?:
-- He's unhappy with the facilities
-- South Carolina's finances won't let them upgrade facilities fast enough
-- He's struggling with recruiting.
-- His record at Columbia is a blistering 13-10 with a great chance to finish the season with another Clemson loss bringing him to the toweringly unimpressive and frustrating 13-11.
-- He's called his current group of players: Idiots, Dumbasses and Losers.

This is schadenfreude at its best. It's a stick in the eye to UF and the Gamecocks.

BTW -- Miami's site also lists Spurrier as the top candidate. (Subscription)



Ludakit said...

Here's my favorite one on the board. I had to scroll a little to find it, but you were right when you said "comedy gold."

1. Larry Coker
2. Jim Donnan
3. Bob Pruitt (former Marshall coach)
4. Steve Logan (former East Carolina coach)
5. Ray Goff (USC ass't before he was HC at UGA)
6. Galen Hall (OC at Penn St/former UF coach)
7. Jimbo Fisher (LSU OC)
8. John Bunting
9. Dick Sheridan
10. Ricky Bustle (my favorite choice from this list)

Ray Goff? HA!

Anonymous said...

The funniest part on their boards is watching them try to talk smack to us and Clemson. Nice to see ain't nuthin changed, along with their record with SOS at the helm, they're still reaching and delsional as ever... "just wait til next year, OMG yer so scared!"

Anonymous said...

Whats sad is the smack they are talking about us losing to Vandy and Kentucky. Didn't we beat them? Didn't we hold them scoreless?

I also saw one that said Charlie Wiess. Now that is funny stuff.
Who is Cliff Matthews?

Anonymous said...

I've got it on good word that one of Miami's boosters is a member of Augusta National and is offering Spurrier a membership if he goes to Miami...

Anonymous said...

Now it's schadenfreude. If Spurrier actually leaves, it will be the Cockerdammerung.

If he does leave, the best part will the after the fact lttle zingers. "Yeah, some good folks up there. Like to see pitchin' and catchin' like fans everywhere. Jest didn't have what it take to win, though."

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Charlie Weis: "Name will be brought up." Yes, in the same way Elisha Cuthbert and Jessica Alba will be "brought up" when I'm making out my list of potential mates.

Anonymous said...

Steve Spurrier is so classless and has no idea what good sportsmanship is. He will bring down any program he joins even if he wins.


SmoothJimmyApollo said...

"Class" is thrown around down here in the south as if it is the world's biggest insult. IMHO it comes from the bottom of the bag of tricks, the last ditch dig of somebody with nothing else to say. The world isn't a tea party, and neither is college football. Just my two sense regarding a previous post, and in no way appropo of the current Spurrier situation.

Anonymous said...

Come on Paige were talking about Miami.....they lacked class and good sportsmanship years ago.

Anonymous said...

Well Jimmy, we just beat tha dog sh*t out of Auburn, @ Auburn, and also beat them out for the recruit they've wanted more than anyone in the last 2-3 years. So it's not like we've got nothing on Auburn at the moment, right?

And I can still sit here with a straight face and mean every word of the following sentence:

Tommy Tuberville is the most classless S.O.B. in the South. least as far as coaches go. From the way he left Ole Miss, to the way he panders for poll votes, to the way he acts after he beats "Bammer," it doesn't get any worse than that P.O.S. At least Spurrier is somewhat funny from time to time, Ears is just a Grade-A DOUCHEBAG.

You think Tubs takes a knee on that last drive with 3 minutes left if the shoe were on the other foot? You think Mark Richt will go around holding up 4 fingers wearing a shirt that says Fear the Thumb!?! Rivalry and everything else aside, he's just flat out awful IMVHO, in every way.

Anonymous said...

Ok Gamecock fan here, just two things to say.
1. I've got it on good word that the former chairman of Augusta National is a USC grad, so might be a little difficult to get past that.
2. Cockdammerung is the most clever thing I've heard in a while.

peacedog said...

CLiff Matthews is a currently commit for SC in football. He's a DE. Whenever stuff like this happens, questions about the top recruits always arise.

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