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December 22, 2006

Ron Mexico Video

Pretty funny.



Anonymous said...


"But they cheer him anyway a yeah!"

Can't really talk too much though, niner fan here, least we are turning around.

Anonymous said...

Funny? Not really, not to me anyway. Ignorant is more like it. Just when I'm starting to forget all the dumbass UGA "fans" that were screaming for Shockley to be moved to another position too... :rolleyes: I mean OK the whole Ron Mexico thing opens itself up to criticism no doubt, but questioning his abilities as a QB with that rocket arm?! Especially dumb this year seeing how UGA's receivers or lack thereof drained Stafford's numbers all year (yeah he made some bad throws but after some of those drops I'd start wanting to do it all by myself too probably) so I'd think/hope the fans of said red and black QB would understand what the other one is going through. How many first downs and TOUCHDOWNS have those butterfingers cost Vick this year? And am I mistaken or did he not throw 4 TD's last week? It sure felt like more with all those penalties negating previous ones and he'd just fire right back. That's 4 PASSING TD's on top of setting the alltime rushing mark for a QB. I swear, the amount of hate thrown on this guy is ridiculous seeing how his O-line is GARBAGE and he's never had a real receiver not counting an overweight TE who's also dropped balls all season...

And seeing how the 'Georgia Sports Blog' is really only the '3 or 4 UGA sports' blog, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't rip on our local Pro teams/athletes as well. I believe the rest of the real media have the whole 'hating on Atlanta teams/fans' thing quite covered, thank you.

Just my $.02

Anonymous said...

I was coming on here to say the same thing, but Gdawg did it for me. Wasn't it amazing how improved Vick's QB stats were in the few games that his receivers actually caiught the balls thrown at them? The Falcons suck because Mora is a guy who gets no respect from his own team and a very sucky defense.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with gdawg. This thing is pretty dumb. He can't throw?

Chris Chandler. That guy couldn't throw. People forget so quickly how bad we used to suck.

Anonymous said...

If you want my opinion, Ron Mexico doesn't give his receivers time to get open before he runs for the border. He's so run-happy that once the ball is snapped, he's quarterback-keeping 65% of the time. Bring in Schaub or Shockley. At least they give a play some time to develop and if not, then they took off running.

82 said...

Wow, yeah, Chris Chandler sucked real bad, he went to a Super Bowl guys. You don't have to have a superstar qb (not that Vick is) to win SB rings. You have to lead, motivate, and manage the football game. This is football 101 stuff guys, come on. Vick has repeatedly shown he cant handle it, he takes himself out of games, literally, alienates the fans [bird flip], and coaches ["over come coaching"] Dont get me wrong, he sells tickets and makes the Falcons a ton more marketable here in Atlanta but he wont win a SB or anything like that. He cant even put together back to back winning seasons and he is about to be on his 3rd coach of his career.

He is a gimmick that fills the seats but what Falcons fans fail to realize is that winning fills the seats too. A gimmick will eventually empty them as fast as it fills them.

And its not just about the record or stats or whatever, its about paying a guy $130 mil, yeah, 2nd highest qb EVER, and not receiving production, its about season tickets doubling in $ over the past 5 years and nothing to show for it.

Look at the real qb's who are team leaders and just win games. For example (and there are a bunch of them) Big Ben isnt as fast as Vick or doesn't have as strong of an arm, but they aren't paying him $23 this year so they can afford to surround him with guys who make plays, all he has to do is not make mistakes. It doesn't take the leading jersey seller to win a superbowl. It takes a qb who can manage the game, lead his team, and who never quits.

gdawg, to compare this guy to Shock is ignorant. Shock is the definition of a team leader, plays for his teammates, coaches, fans. Have you heard Vick do an interview, its all about Mike Vick, thats it. I mean Shock isnt even the same type of qb, but great generalization 'because they are black' right? Real smart!

Ok sorry, I'm done. Now back to work.

Anonymous said...

Damn G-Dawg how about lightening up a bit.

I didn't make the video. I just posted it b/c the Valtrex line was so damn funny.

As for Vick. I think Vick is part of the solution in Atlanta. Whereas Greg Knapp is a large part of the problem.

I don't know if they should keep Mora or not. Don't really care actually.

But this system doesn't work with mike Vick in it. These receivers are terrible, and they were obtained by McKay. McKay never had WRs worth a nickle in Tampa either.

The OL can't pass block. Haven't been able to in years. Yet the Falcons don't spend high draft picks on OL because Alex Gibbs is too hard headed and stubborn.

The video is parody. I don't rail on Vick on this site. Your venom is misdirected.

Besides -- After his dumbass shooting the bird move to the fans, this type of parody video is 100% within bounds.


Anonymous said...

attaboy, PWD. Way to post a video cutting on vick, hoping once again to make yourself feel better by watching all the idiotic georgia fans cheer you on as you cut on another team's player. Then, when you get your ass ripped open by an extremely entertaining post by gdawg, followed by several 'amens' by other fans, you go on the defensive and pretend like you weren't cutting on vick in the first place. If you weren't cutting on vick, why did you post the video? it really wasn't that funny. what is funny, however, is the fact that you choose to highlight the off-the-field issues of other teams while ian smith walks in the footsteps of daniel inman (quite crookedly, i might add). why don't you grow a backbone and back your asinine posts for once when everyone else points out that you're stupid.

Anonymous said...

Anon - you can blow out your ass.

Anonymous said...

i guess that's the only thing you have left to say, since you obviously can't make an intelligent argument. you make us georgia fans proud.

Anonymous said...

Vick can be an ass.
And a good player.

I can post a clip that makes fun of him. And think he's not the root problem.

I'm a complex man.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Ian Smith and Michael Vick is pretty simple. The Falcons would get rid of their coach before even thinking of letting Vick go. Ian Smith isn't making UGA any money like Vick does for the Falcons. (Vick was supposed to "not cut his hair until they won a Super Bowl") Well, ATL isn't going to a Super Bowl until they get rid of Vicks-Vapo-Rub.

Either way UGA can do with or without Smith, but as for the Falcons, Vick rules the team. I agree with "Flapjack". Put Schaub or Shockley in. Vick is overrated, classless, and is a horrible QB, period!

Anonymous said...

yall dont have to read his blog. last time i checked there was a 1st amendment. but PWD, i think your blogs are the funniest on the internet, and i read them every chance i get

jenhealan said...

This is Paul's blog. If you don't want to read it or watch the videos he posts then don't! And I agree with Paul, lighten up! and don't hide behind anonymous!

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