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May 29, 2007

2007 UGA Nike Hats, Shirts and Other Apparel has arrived

The cool new goodies are in at our FanShop. Check out the 2007 Georgia Bulldog Coaches Polos and Hats from Nike. Click on the images to learn more about any product.

Check out all the Georgia Bulldog goodies in our fanshop. Most items ship within 2 business days, guaranteed. Order as many items as you like. Only $4.99 U.S. flat rate standard shipping per order. (applies to U.S. and Military orders only)

Thanks for shopping.

Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog


Anonymous said...

That white nike shirt might be the ugliest piece of UGA gear I have ever seen in my life... scratch 'might be' and replace with 'is'

Anonymous said...

Ray Goff has given that shirt his full endorsement.

Anonymous said...

HA! i was just getting ready to post that those shirts looked like something from the early 90s, and then PW throws out the Goff line.

seriously, what's wrong with a solid color red, white or black shirt with a team logo? is it that hard?

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