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May 29, 2007

UGA keeps GT out of Baseball Tourney

The Georgia Bulldog baseball season was a complete and total debacle. The only silver lining on an otherwise turd of a season were the two wins over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

(Image: Tech's second baseman)

On Monday, the Yellow Jackets were left out of the 64 team NCAA Tournament (AJC) with a record of 32-25 overall and 15-14 in the ACC. The last ACC team to make the field was Wake Forest with a record of 33-27 overall and 14-16 in the ACC.

How can there by any doubt that losing the season series to the Diamond Dogs kept the Nerds out of the Tourney?

Schadenfreude thy name is Perno.

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Anonymous said...

Here comes nathan to spin spin SPIN!


Anonymous said...

Now, that's funny. And, exactly how I saw it too.

But, to be truthful and correct, one must report that Georgia Tech played the Number 57 "strength" of schedule this season. It sucked.

By comparison, Georgia played the Number 18 Strength of Schedule.

And, that must be reported.

For it is why the on Probation Georgia Institute of Technology was left out of the NCAA Tournament.

That and - like you say - in an otherwise worthless season when half the UGA players would not have started at any other school - Tech lost for the Sixth (6th) consecutive game against UGA at Turner Field and also lost the season series to UGA at Foley Field.)

Danny Hall is a whiner. Note please that he NEVER discussed his SOS at Number 57.

This left Georgia Tech with an ISR of Number 56.

(We won't discuss UGA's with an ISR Rating of Number 97 because half the players on the team could not field, throw, run the bases, score runs, or hit for average.)

For the record, this leaves the series between Georgia and Georgia Tech in Baseball at

192-147-2 UGA over Tech in Baseball

according to :

"Georgia leads Georgia Tech, 192-147-2"

Thank you Ramblin

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