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August 24, 2007

Hawaii's Bogus Run for the Sugar Bowl?

By now you’ve obviously heard about Hawaii’s pathetic schedule in which their marquee games are...Boise State and Washington (8-26 since '04). The discussion surrounding their schedule has centered around two main points:
1. Is it strong enough for them to make a BCS appearance if they go undefeated?
2. Is it strong enough for Colt Brennan to gain serious Heisman consideration?
Personally, I think the answer to both questions should be “NO!” The Rainbow Warriors are playing 9 or 10 teams that BCS conference members get lambasted for scheduling, and no where is this more absurd than booking a home game with Charleston Southern.
How bad of a program is Charleston Southern?
The Citadel and Furman traditionally schedule
guys like this for homecoming.
CSU has an all-time record in football of 56-116. The program’s only games against Div I-A teams include 6 contests with UAB shortly after the Blazers left Div I-AA and four games with South Florida.

In fairness to Chuck Southern (as Wes Durham called them today), they are coming off their best year in history going 9-2 and finishing in a four way tie for 2nd (and next to last) in the "prestigious" Big South. And by “best year” I mean “only good year.” It’s important to note that they only left the State of South Carolina twice last year. They must have been saving their money for the big trip to Aloha U.

CSU will travel 5,000+ miles for the match-up. Between the jet lag, the talent differential, and June Jones’ penchant for inflating stats and running up the score, the Warriors have a legit shot at breaking 100 points on the Buccaneers.

Wait...there is something more absurd than booking CSU.
Hawaii is also playing Div I-AA Northern Colorado. Last year, Charleston Southern would probably have beaten Northern Colorado (1-10) senseless. This will be “the other” UNC’s first game against a Div I-A team since they played Colorado State in the mid-80s.

If the Rainbows make a BCS game due to formula, pathetic schedule and idiot pollster votes, it will be a travashamockery. (insert pounding on the desk hand gesture)

And why should I/you care?
Well…I’m pretty sure the Sugar Bowl will get the last pick of the BCS at-large teams this year. It belittles the bowl, and the SEC to have to play such someone who did so remarkably little to get there.

Therefore, I say Go Huskies. May they open a chocolate milk jug full of whoop ass all over June Jones’ squad.

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Jeff said...

Although I agree overall, I kinda feel bad for the Warriors. They WANT to play a big-time schedule, but no legit teams will schedule them.

Chuck said...

Great post. When I wake up at 4am and go to the bathroom, I'll hope that Hawaii is losing their game. :)

Anonymous said...

Jeff, NEVER feel bad for the Boise States or Hawaii's of the world. They'll always say they want to play a big-time schedule, but they never will. That's good for them because they have 1 or 2 big-time games to get up for each year and, if they win them, then all the non-BCS apologists will make sure they get more than they deserve.

The reality is that the Boise's, Hawaii's and TCU's of the world would be like South Carolina or Oklahoma State if they played in a BCS conference.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii tried to schedule @ Michigan (Lloyd Carr nixed the deal agreed upon by the ADs and scheduled App State... I wonder why), @ Louisville, @Texas AM, @USC, ...THey also tried to schedule @ Ole MIss, a couple of Pac10 schools, etc. Michigan State payed $250,000 to get out of its scheduled game. Hawaii had no choice but to schedule the 1As. ALL TEAMS were eligible to play Hawaii even those that already had 12 games because the NCAA allows for teams who travel to Hawaii to have a 13th game. So why didn't your team volunteer to play at Aloha Stadium and put an end to Hawaii's BCS hopes. Hawaii's schedule next year includes games @Florida, @ Oregon State, Cincy, and Washington State. Future schedules include Wisconsin, Southern Cal, etc... so stop this crap about Hawaii not playing anyone. Hawaii was even offering 750,000+ to have anyone play us this year. Hawaii has never shyed away from competition on the road or at home... the same can't be said for many BCS teams purposely schedule soft OOC teams so as not to endanger their BCS hopes. STop crying and challege us!

Anonymous said...

Finally, some real facts (Big thanks--Mahalo Plenty to Anonymous on 10/9 8:19 pm)rather than the blather/rantings that are shallow, plausible, yet nonetheless unsubstantiated nonsense known as "Hawaii's Bogus Run..." or even Chuck's sour grapes response--come on...Hawaii is all we love in the underdog. Its been going on for years: even when they beat a Heisman winner on the night awarded (Detmer)intercepted him 5 times and hung 56 points on BYU, they still got "dissed". Rodney Dangerfield got more respect. Quit pissing on the Hawaiis of the world and worry about Troy hanging up over 30 points and their no-name QB getting over 300 yds. Brennan would have lit the Dawgs up the way they played last week. For all our sake, I hope both UGA AND Hawaii win out. Its good karma.

Anonymous said...

Coach K has a point...he did fail to mention that June does not try to inflate stats, and if anyone cared to look, Brennan spent the end of the third quarter and all of the fourth on the bench in over half their games last year. The same top 5 Arizona State team this year played UH in a bowl last year and UH flushed them. We have short memories, don't we? p.s they do play UF in Gainesville next year. Add 2 D-I BCS schools to Hawaii's schedule this year like THEY THEMSELVES orginally planned, perhaps no one would be saying their schedule is a "joke."

Daniel Burr said...

So shouldn't Georgia fans be excited about thrashing the highly over-rated Hawai'i team in the Sugar Bowl(assuming a few things of course)? Nothing like an "easy" BCS Bowl win for a BCS conference team over a lame WAC opponent. Ummmm Oklahoma anyone... Now of course won't mention GA playing the national powerhouse Western Carolina squad or perennial favorite Troy. The reality of the BCS schools not scheduling Hawai'i is the same reason Hawai'i plays so poorly on the road. Long trip, jet lag and so forth. Out of curiosity I would like to see the frequent flier miles of each schools schedule. These schools balk at going to Hawai'i because they don't want to walk into Aloha Stadium with it's warm trade winds blowing trash everywhere as the June Jones run and shoot puts up circus-like numbers on your team. Nobody wants to screw up their chance at getting bowl eligible(10 of 11 Big Ten teams can and should be bowl eligible this year). So let's play the games and see what happens and I can't wait to see what happens if Hawaii walks into the Superdome and spanks the big time Georgia Bulldogs. I will be at that game!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I found this blogs at just the right time!
My name is Shawn an I'm a DAWG fan... living in Hawaii. A lot of projections now show LSU playing the Warriors, but in my book, LSU wins the SEC Championship and they move ahead of UGA and go to the Orange Bowl. Setting UGA and UH on track again to meet in the Sugar Bowl. BOTH teams deserve to be there. Just 12 months ago we listened to the exact same people whining about Hawaii this year, whining about Boise St last year. What happened?!? The best bowl of the year... in many years! True Hawaii and Boise St, on average, have soft schedules. Because of the ridicule, UH is handing out invitations left and right. Top division schools turn them down for the exact reason the rest of the world needs to wake up and realize...


I look forward to cheering my Dawgs as they dig in and battle one of the best college teams in the country. Win or lose, either side, it will be the most exciting bowl game of 2007-2008!

Unknown said...

Dude - if LSU wins the SEC it doesn't matter if they jump us or not. They STILL go to the Sugar Bowl. The only way UGA plays Hawaii is if....

WVU loses
Missouri loses
VT loses
and LSU jumps from #7 to #2 which just isn't going to happen bro.

Forget about it.

Anonymous said...

The Sugar Bowl get the SEC champion 'IF' the SEC Champ is not competing in a higher BCS Bowl. If LSU end up in the Top-4... UGA 'WILL' go to the Sugar Bowl. I agree, not likely, but the way this year has been... It is very possible.
LSU & VT win, they both jump UGA in the rankings with more wins, then the likely possibility of Mizzou losing to OU leaves:

#1 WV BCS Title
#2 OSU BCS Title

#3 VT Orange Bowl
#4 LSU Orange Bowl

#5 UGA Sugar Bowl (as the 2nd best SEC team) Trust me, I've researched this possibility for 4 straight weeks. Unless UGA pick up Hawaii as a regular season game, this is the only time in my lifetime these 2 will meet.

Unknown said...

Anon - 7:55.

You have no idea what the hell you're talking about. The SEC has an automatic tie-in unless we're in the National Title game.

It couldn't be more plainly written:

Anonymous said...

Why is most of the NCAA teams afraid of Hawaii playing in a BCS game? If you guys are so confident Hawaii will lose in BCS game, then make a huge bet.

Daniel Burr said...

Well I came back to check on the status of things now that all hell has broken loose and "paul westerdawg" is eating some serious crow. Paul who are you picking for the Sugar Bowl so I can put some serious cash on the thing in the opposite direction of your prediction. I am going to be at the Sugar Bowl(tickets acquired) and will enjoy seeing yet another WAC team knock off another favored team from the big boy conferences. So Bulldog fans please enjoy your BCS game gift since you were lucky enough to avoid LSU in the SEC title game. And you wonder why they will jump LSU to the title game.

By the way shouldn't Colt Brennan get a little more street cred in regards to the Heisman? Honestly there isn't another QB that has led his team back and kept them undefeated even with a soft schedule. Winning is winning. How many highly ranked teams have lost to unranked teams this year? 12 or so I believe. If that is the case Hawaii should have about 3 losses by now. So now as it sits LSU is going to lose to Ohio State in the title game. Hawaii will "stun" Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and the Florida Tebows er I mean Gators will run into the O-line wall of Wisconsin in the Outback bowl. What a great year for the SEC. Let's hear the excuses before it all happens.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your post is a bogus post. Hawaii will be playing Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. A dome game with a pass happy offense? Talk about a nightmare for the Georgia secondary.

Anonymous said...

omfg, georgia is so done in the sugar bowl.. i bet the odds are highly in favor for the dawgs.. could u imagine the payout when hawaii wins? CHACHING!! again and again, the warriors are real, and we gonna stomp on the puppies come gametime!

Anonymous said...

Gimme some sugar!!! I'm a Georgia peach that has lived in Hawaii the past 15 years. Go Bows!

UGA95 said...

OU lost to Boise state last year bc they were deflated and uninspired due to playing a WAC team in a major bowl. Their regular season had better teams. THe bowl game is supposed to be the culmination of all the hard work and effort of the regular season. If UGA loses, it will be due to the same reasons. UGA is loaded with talent that is at a much higher level and with a fantastic head coach (no dig on June Jones, he is a great person and coach). This is a disappointement for all UGA fans and players. It will be difficult to get excited.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for hawaii to prove all these people wrong.....GO HAWAII!!

seantk said...

please..... UGA will beat Hawaii. Playing in the SEC is great practice. Hawaii hasn't played anyone. They'll be all pumped up to be in the Superdome, but after the emotion goes away, the Dawgs will hammer it out.

I predict UGA by 17.

Anonymous said...

UGA by 17! Seantk are you really Nick Saban? What are you expecting to happen when UGA takes on Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl? A massacre,a holocaust put on Hawaii by Georgia. Well the NCAA fans shall find out on 1/1/08.

Anonymous said...

PWD said....
Dude - The only way UGA plays Hawaii is if.... WVU loses - Missouri loses
....... isn't going to happen -
"Forget about it".

Yup! forget about it!! LOL Ha Ha Ha (just can't help my self) play Hawaii? Forget about it! Hee Hee
Hee, PWD! your funny.

Anonymous said...

Georgia's secondary is suspect. I'm surprised more of you don't see this. Going against the Hawaii's receivers and Brennans arm the UGA offense is going to have to keep the ball on the field AND keep putting up points to win. All you guys that think this is going to be a blow out-WAKE UP! UGA could have lost to Troy! Washington was LEADING OSU in the third this year, almost beat USC and beat CAL by 2 TD's. Hawaii played a sloppy first, spotted UWA a 21 point lead and then came back with a vengance.
Some comments here are so ignorant. UGA is a very good team but Hawaii can beat them.

Anonymous said...

Our secondary isn't great, and that worries me a little, but I think our pass rush will disrupt Brennan enough to stop them sometimes, and our offense should roll over their D (ranked 33rd! against the weakest schedule in the nation!)

Anonymous said...

The OP is going to have a huge chunk of his own foot to swallow if and when Hawai'i wins this game. Let's hope for his sake the Warriors don't blow out the Dawgs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You're a small minded idiot who probably never left the little spec of mud you call home. Too bad it's people like you that make this world such a terrible, hate filled place to live. Get a life and get some real facts to back what you say before you post again.

Anonymous said...

Paul's comments about the Dawgs never playing the Warriors are hillarious! The fact that Hawaii even made it to the Sugar Bowl makes them winners in my book, but to get a chance play the Dawgs, one of the best teams in the nation, makes it a win-win situation for Hawaii. If the Dawgs win, they get to brag about beating an undefeated game with a team that QB that took 3rd in the Heisman race. The fans also win with an exciting game between a high powered offense (Hawaii) and the hard-hitting defense and great running game of GA. This is gonna be a blast! Good luck to both teams! And to all the "haters" out there...chill out...IT'S A GAME!

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