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August 23, 2007

"Red Out" for Oklahoma State Game

David Ching and I got the same note from students attempting to organize a "Red Out" for the Oklahoma State game. They're using FaceBook, message boards and other means to remind people to wear red to the game. Here's the note.
Word traveling around the UGA students is a red-out for the opening home game against OSU. Many of us really want this to happen, and for it to work successfully. I am asking you a huge favor, as I know you are well respected among the UGA fanbase. Please PLEASE get the word out about this red-out to as many friends and fans as you possibly can. A red-out against a visiting Big XII program on national television would give the Bulldog squad added publicity and attention, and we as students feel it would energize the team and the crowd to no end. PLEASE do everything you can to support this cause.
Hell...what other color would you wear?
It's not like a Black Out where we're going to try and look like something we're not (ie. Gamecocks). Obviously, I'm in support of the more Red in the stadium the better. Although, it won't make a difference or energize the team; I do think it looks great on TV.

If you would like to join the Facebook group for this it's called "REDout Ok State." If I screwed up the link, don't blame me. I've been on Facebook for like 1 day, and I'm in my 30s so the FaceTubes are new to me. Speaking of which, feel free to add me as a friend. I'm listed as Paul Westerdawg. No snarky photo yet.

And speaking of wearing red, it just so happens that I have red t-shirts, golf shirts and hats in the FanShop store. What a coincidence. lol.

Update -- Groo's reaction was similar as mine. He said, "Asking Georgia fans to come to a game in red is like asking Cure concert-goers to wear black. It’s just going to happen." Amen. But I'm all for the movement. Just as long as they are loud.



Unknown said...

I agree, Facebook-Smaishbook. Why did you even post this? God, don't we all feel old now. Shame on you for joining Facebook, don't you know MySpace is where all the cool kids are at?

Anonymous said...

Even the Cure-black joke dates us all to our 30s.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He said, "Asking Georgia fans to come to a game in red is like asking Cure concert-goers to wear black. It’s just going to happen."

Seriously? Way, way, way too many people wear white or black.

Anonymous said...

organizing a red out is for nerds who have nothing better to do. "red-outs" are a disgrace, who cares what a anyone wears to the game, IT"S FOOTBALL, I'm going to wear black and I'm a student

Unknown said...

Yeah [color]outs are a bit silly. How about a noise-out? Or a stand-out? Or just something where the non-student section of the stadium actually acts like they want to be there. I still remember my years of having faculty/staff tickets and the nerve of that crowd asking me to sit down DURING THE GAME!? Let's take care of that instead of worrying about what color you're going to wear. I'll stick to my white polo as long as we're early in the season and it's hot out.

Anonymous said...

The red out won't hurt anything, and there's no reason to rain on people's parade here, but why don't we just try to NOT BOO OUR RECIEVERS for once.

Anonymous said...

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