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September 4, 2007

Humor at Michigan's expense

From the UGA student section. The front side said Go Georgia (or something similar). They showed both sides on ESPN. Image: Click to enlarge.

BTW -- in case you were curious. Here's how App State finished against other Div I-A teams recently.
    2006 vs. NC State (10-23) - L
    2005 vs. LSU (0-24) - L
    2005 vs. Kansas (8-36) - L
    2004 vs. Wyoming (10-42) - L
    2003 vs. Hawaii (17-40) - L
    2002 vs. Marshall (17-50) - L
Appy State isn't a program to be feared, but it was a program to be respected. And if you're wondering UGA does have a tentative date with them in 2013. Originally, they were scheduled to be the season opener in 2009. However, we had to move the game with them out due to conflicts caused by scheduling the series with Oklahoma State.



Anonymous said...

I've noticed a trend in the last ten-ish years. Former NFL head and assistant coaches coming into college programs and taking the option out of the playbook. I guess the theory is; highly ranked recruits want to be "NFL-ready" at draft time. Ha! Ha! Ha! When properly executed, the option can be unstoppable and becomes even more effective as the game wears on. The only reason NFL teams don't do it is because their millionaire Quarterbacks would get killed, fortunately for App-State Michigan has neither an NFL defense nor (apparantly) a defensive gameplan to stop the option. GO BIG BLUE! (BIG 10) That loss was worse than Colorado losing to Murray State or whoever last year. Thank you Lloyd for all the great jokes I may hear this week. You're Done!

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