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April 4, 2008

G-Day Storylines

Here are a few things I'm eager to see in Saturday's spring game:
  1. A Crisp Matt Stafford - There's been a lot of talk about how good Matt Stafford has looked this spring. Bobo has openly talked about how hard he's coached Matt on fundamentals. As we've seen, Stafford can get complacent with his rifle arm, relying on velocity rather than brains and technique. I'd like to see Stafford make smart throws, lead the slant routes better, and keep his touch on the deep balls. He'll have to do it quick, though because I expect he'll play a half at the most.
  2. A Mean Bean - The offensive lineman that has had the most buzz this spring has been Justin "Bean" Anderson. Jeff Owens has heaped praise on Bean. He's reportedly a mauling run blocker who's strong of the ball and has the speed to pull out as a lead blocker. With the lack of a true leader on the O line, with no upperclassmen up front, I'm more anxious than eager about the line. Richt's comments that this year's line is further behind than last year's line is troubling to say the least. I want to see some physical play up front Saturday. If we can't technique 'em, just keep fighting 'em. Bean reportedly has the physical tools, so I want to see him play mean.
  3. Caleb King - After a quiet redshirt season, King should be ready to break out. Someone has to spell Knowshon this year and King is being counted on as an able backup. King came in with loads of hype. Reports from the practice field are that Caleb has looked good this spring. While he might not have Knowshon's grit or overt enthusiasm, he's supposed to get to the corner just as fast. I wouldn't expect Knowshon to get many carries Saturday, so Caleb should have plenty of opportunities to shine.
  4. Defensive Ends - Every year, it seems like we get surprising production out of an unknown defensive end. Other than Charles Johnson and Will Thompson, none of our great ends have started as big DE recruits. David Pollack was a converted fullback. Quinton Moses was a basketball player and project recruit. Marcus Howard was a converted linebacker who was tiny by SEC standards. So whose turn is it? Battle and Lomax had some bright spots last year and they should be ready to assume the starting spots. But, it sounds like we've got a slew of ends who will play this year. Redshirt freshman Justin Houston has turned heads this spring, but seems light to me. Fabris always seems to find production out of the ends and I'd expect an unproven guy to step up and get some sacks.
What are you looking for?



Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how many unheralded DE's we've had who have played pretty darn well. Fabris (and I guess Garner, too) deserve some credit.

Anonymous said...


We need someone to step up and become a solid slot receiver. We have great size on the outside, but we need someone, other than Wilson (sorry Tony, but you just dont have what it takes), to fill that spot. I am looking AT YOU, Israel Troup.

I am also extremely excited about Caleb. The clips i have seen on gxtra show a burst that even Knowshon lacks.

Ludakit said...

I'm hoping Lomax is ready to go. Rumblings on the Vent (and when I say "rumblings" that means "take this sh*t with a grain of salt") say that Lomax was hurt by Caleb King on a run up the gut.

Still waiting on some clarification about what happened, if anything, but enough folks have heard about it to make me wonder if it's true.

Oh, and I'm waiting to see how the WRs do. Walter Hill, Michael Moore, Israel Troupe, etc. These kids have all had shining moments during spring camp. Really interested to see what they look like.

Oh, and did I mention Tavarres "Smoother than yo-mama-at-a-bar" King? Yeah, him too.

Bobby said...

I'm interested to see if Logan Gray will get many reps. They really touted him on the scout team in prep for the Sugar Bowl.

Also, the two Kings, Troup, and White.

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping the weather forcast is wrong...Looks like there will be strong winds and rain during the game.

bz said...

Looking forward to it on the field, but on the other side of the coin, anyone have any insight on tailgating, for those of us who haven't made a G-day before? Same basic "rules" as a normal gameday?

Unknown said...

BZ -- far as I know it's the same basic rules. Although, I've never tailgated for G-Day very much. I'm not the best one to ask.

I'm going to Wilson's Soul Food pre-game. Then hopefully a bar afterwards. Then I'm rocking my face off with RockBand at IronChefTurducken's house.

But that's me.

Ludakit said...

RockBand. I've heard that game is insane.

JasonC said...


I am sure Kyle King is doing some sort of tailgating if you are interested. Maybe in the parking deck if it rains. PWD should have a link to Dawgsports on his front page. You can find details there.

Anonymous said...

Is Tent CIty going to be rocking? I know we're planning on going out there and pounding a few. Hope we are not the only one's. See ya'll infront of the library.

Anonymous said...

anon, Tent City lite will be rocking, either in front of the library (no rain), the north campus parking deck (light rain) or downtown (torrential downpour). See Doug's blog for details.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

*** Self-promotion alert ***

I've been setting up a sort of "collaborative" tailgate with some of the Tent City folks, and Kyle King will be in attendance for a little while. Details are at the end of this post.

DAve said...

PWD - if you can make it round to the TC/Blogger thing if even for a second, please do. There are some folks who'd like your autograph, and one person who'd like the 10K you promised for help with your website.

Chuck said...

I just want us to get the W. I don't care how it happens.

Ludakit said...

PWD - if you can make it round to the TC/Blogger thing if even for a second, please do. There are some folks who'd like your autograph, and one person who'd like the 10K you promised for help with your website.

Wow, to hell with RockBand, PWD. You've already got that rockstar thing locked down.

bz said...

Thanks all for the helpful info. Looking forward to drinking in bars, drinking in the rain, and anywhere in between that's deemed fit. So everywhere. Should be a great day rain or shine -- any time I have an excuse to get back to Athens for 2 nights of drinking is wonderful. For anyone else around, I'll be the one laying on the curb tonight.

Unknown said...

DA - How off the chain would it be if I showed up with Chris "big black" Boykin and actually did the autograph thing.

That would be absolutely hysterical.

DAve said...

"DA - How off the chain would it be if I showed up with Chris "big black" Boykin and actually did the autograph thing.

That would be absolutely hysterical."

Bring the dogs and the miniature pony and you'll be golden, kid.

Anonymous said...

Also eager to see Tavarres...interesting, anonymous, cause very few other blogs seem at all interested in Caleb. They may change their tune after tomorro.

Looks like there's a few tailgating parties going on. Long as I can sip a bulldog gin and tonic before 5 o clock, whatever.

Anyone know what ever happened to the Dawg Tailgate Blog? No 2008 edition?

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in seeing what Richard Samuel and Dontavious Jackson are going to do.

One of those guys will most likely be the #3 running back. They are both listed at tailback and they are on opposite sides tomorrow. I imagine Dontavious will get a lot of carries because he is on the Black team. Knowshon and Caleb are on the Red team.

Also, I want to see if Ben Jones dominates at all.

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