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May 6, 2008

Party out of Bounds

As a venerable Athens rock band once pondered, who's to blame when parties really get out of hand? Who's to blame when they get poorly planned? Now we know: Il Duce himself, Michael Adams.

[The bowtie holds his foreskin back.]

That Michael Adams sucks is not news. We have proudly been out in front of that issue that Michael Adams is a big fat liar. And a hypocrite.

But even we were surprised to hear about something that is sleazy and inappropriate, even by Adams's lofty lowbrow standards. The AJC has the story on Adams's newest abuse of office during the Sugar Bowl: Il Duce stuck UGA with the bill for taking a "Presidential Party" of EIGHTY NINE people to the Sugar Bowl.

Sadly, this is par for the course with Adams. Deloitte and Touche's scathing audit described in detail how Adams has abused his office and lined his pockets by putting his wife on the payroll and throwing his son a Foundation-expensed invitation-only law school graduation party for his son David Adams, among other accounting irregularities.

I am a crook. And I'll misappropriate University money for my personal use. Get over it.

Adams is shameless. The AJC report details that "[a] massive group, including the president's official party of 89 people, made the trip and went to numerous parties, all paid for by the athletic association...including President Adams and his wife, Mary. The athletic association paid for their hotel room and valet parking, gave guests and their spouses each a per diem for meals and paid or their travel to New Orleans and back via a mileage equation."

[Photo: this is the antithesis of the decidedly family unfriendly party Michael Adams threw--but UGA paid for--at Pat O'Briens in the French Quarter.]

Think Adams might be apologetic or chargrined for being exposed as a cheapskate sleaze bag? Then you don't know Mike Adams. Adams told the AJC "Of course, it's all paid for by athletic association monies, which is part of the revenue created by the bowl. So it's all part of that bowl culture, and I think that's an important concept. The bowl committees like to have the representation of the athletic and academic community to take part in what they're doing. When we were there, Hawaii also had an official traveling party. Every bowl does. It's a work week for me."

Work week? Puh-leeze.

It will be interesting to see who Adams surrounded himself with during his "work week." Sure, Congressman Paul Broun was there, along with Senator Johnny Isakson. But what about the other 87 people? I'm betting the whole Adams clan was there, with spouses, along with family friends, hangers-on, and anyone else Adams could squeeze in on UGA's tab. Perhaps some intrepid Georgia Sports Blog reader will decide to file an open records request on Adams seeking the identity of each and every one of the members of the "Presidential Party."

If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times: I wouldn't piss on Mike Adams if he were on fire, less'n I could piss gasoline.


Anonymous said...

Shocking, but i'm sure he will suffer no consequences. I'm a recent UGA grad and his name is getting cut off my diploma. He doesn't deserve any part of Pat O's. He doesn't even deserve the free ketchup packets at Captain D's.

Anonymous said...

The better question, though, is if this is par for the course for University presidents. I suspect it is. Did Hawaii's president bring 90 guests? Did LSU's? I'm sure they did. Without that perspective, the AJC article is just muckraking to cause controversy, and Adams's lack of popularity just makes him an easy target.

Better subject of an article: President's box at Sanford. I bet he brings 90+ people there every week and I think they can have liquor. It's ridiculous that Adams's cronies can booze up while the bleacher peons must stay dry.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the rabid hatrid of Adams. He does good things for UGA educationally, which of course is more important than anything else.

A bar tab at Pat O'Briens? Please. If this was Richt we'd be celebrating it.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Adams has done "Great things for UGA educationally." Thank God he got the HOPE scholarship program started.

For the most part, Adams taking credit for the academic improvements at UGA is about like a rooster taking credit for the sunrise. Ever heard of the logical fallacy "Post hoc, ergo propter hoc"? There you go.

Adams will be president at UGA as long as the handful of money guys support him. He'll have their support as long as he keeps sucking up to them hard enough to bruise lesser stalwarts. It's the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Anonymous said...

"The bowtie holds his foreskin back" may be one of the funniest lines I've read in a long, long time. Nice work sir.

Anonymous said...

I am an alum, class of '85. My father is a Professor Emeritus, 30+ years of service at UGA. I recently took a stroll down memory lane walking the campus with my dad. I remarked how beautiful everything appeared. My father quickly pointed out how looks can be deceiving. He said something to this effect:

"Michael Adams' mark is on everything. Externally, the school looks great. Internally, we've got real problems. Salaries are way down. UGA is quickly losing it's competitive edge. Good people are leaving and good people are not even considering a move to Athens. The quality of our instructors is in a steady decline. For all that is wrong with Michael Adams, his neglect of faculty is his worst transgression."

I really don't know jack about Michael Adams. I live across the country and rarely get home these days. But I love my school and I trust what my father tells me. Michael Adams is a parasite that will suck our beloved school dry if he isn't stopped. What are the Board of Regents doing? Wake the fuck up, people.

Anonymous said...

On top of all that's mentioned here,add this....Mike is one homely dude.

Anonymous said...

+ 1 for the ketchup packets line.

As for the foreskin, I'm sure Tebow could help him with that. I hear he works for tips.

Anonymous said...

For $11,000 at Pat O'Briens, I wonder how many of those 382 ounce Hurricanes they ordered.

Anonymous said...

I have just read through the Deloitte and Touche audit. My question is, how does Mr Adams keep his job after this? Had I done that in my personal job or ran my business in that way, I'd be out of a job!
Saying that "all of them do it" is not the proper answer. Saying that he's "doing good things for the University" is the same as saying "Clinton is a good president" when he was out raping and groping interns.

Anonymous said...

Actually as a former employee of another athletic association, these kind of events are common fare for BCS bowl teams. I'd guarantee Hawaii and WVU did the same even though they are in much worse financial constraints than UGA. It also is a bit of an investment. These tend to yield a huge amount of money to University donations. Make fun of adams all you want but he has increased the donations to the University by nearly $100 million a year during his tenure. Events like this are the kind of things that encourage the big 10 million dollar donations or several large 500,000 dollar donations. Adams deserves a lot of criticism for many things but give it to the guy, he knows how to fundraise. This by no means was an example of corruption.

Will said...

UGA '03 here...any Professor I had out of Franklin had nothing good at all to say about him.
The splitting-off of the PolySci department went over like a mallet to the head as well.
Penny pinching and micromanaging of professors, but schmoozing on the AA's dime during bowl week?

I wish my "work week" included getting drunk at a famous bar...paid for by someone else.

Will said...

Oh, and as long as a certain well-heeled booze distributer is on the BOR, I don't foresee Mikey going anywhere, sadly...

Anonymous said...

Micheal Adams is about his own power first and foremost. He may do some good things for UGA, but only when the end result furthers his control. He is looking out for his legacy, not UGA's except as an extension of him. He should be fired, period.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Adams fan, but I do know the majority of those 80 something folks were major, major contributors to the university. Like the guy a couple of posts up said, it is simply a way to give thanks to the big donors and to nab some more contributions.

Our athletic department banks more money each year than any school but Notre Dame. Bottom line is that the AJC writes about UGA because that's what the people want to read about. They hover around the place and print anything that would remotely constitute a story.

Anonymous said...

adams definitely is an ass. no doubt. however, the athletic department is seperate from the university and it can spend its money however the hell it wants. so if they want to fatten up adams and his douche bag "friends" for a weekend in new orleans, it can. the ajc is just jealous cause the blue carpet bowl in boise cant afford techs prez the same. the only thing that stinks here is adams. there is no controversy and no one is going to get in trouble.

Dawgnoxious said...

I don't have a problem with bringing major donors to the game. But Adams has shown a proclivity to use official perks for his private life. I have a strong suspicion his family went to the game expenses paid, as well as some other questionable inclusions.

If you look at the way he uses his comped tickets, it's the same thing. Friends and family enjoy perks that were intended for "official" uses.

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