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May 7, 2008

Poll Results: Who is the best QB in UGA History?

Last week, we asked "Who is the best UGA QB in history?" The discussion was lively, and we got a lot of votes with 888 people voicing their opinion. Here are the results
    41% David Greene
    21% Eric Zeier
    18% Fran Tarkenton
    9% DJ Shockley
    5% Matthew Stafford
    2% Buck Belue
    1% Zeke Bratkowski
Did it break the way you thought it would?



Anonymous said...

I know it was fun and all, but David Greene? Really? By what measuring stick would he be better than Fran Tarkenton whose college career was at least the equal of David's, and who actually had a real pro career? What it really measures is the age of your readership, most of whom have seen Greene. Zeier and Tarkenton are inversely as old as your readership. That's what the survey reflects, although the top three in the survey probably are the top three of all time, just not in any sensible order based upon actual playing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:43 hit the nail on the head.

Full disclosure though, I am 25 years old (Greene's four years were my four years there) and I voted for Tarkenton...based simply on accounts from old Dawg family members as well as his obvious pro success.

2nd greastest Dawg RB ever: Future poll?

Anonymous said...

Well I certainly can't complain about the all time winningest D1 QB atop the poll, however I'm surprised he won by as large a margin as he did.

Personally, I think DJ Shockley was the best. No disrespect intended for his receiving corps that year, but he didn't have nearly as many weapons as Greene did...

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

#2 RB is Garrison Hearst. Rodney Hampton is a close third, and Knowshon may be there in the end. We'll see.

I would remember Willie McClendon, Lars, Tim, Keith, etc - but their overall careers didn't match Hearst or Hampton.

82 said...

David Greene's only attribute that even gets him on this list in my opinion is his leadership abilities; which of course totally shouldn't be underrated. Personally I think its the most important thing to have an a qb. If you you give him the node on his win total I think you are giving him more of the credit then he deserves for those 4 years. The win total is a complete team accomplishment and his arriving at that win total can largely be attributed to him starting all 4 years without injury and the addition of the championship and extra regular season games. Lets also not forget he competed against Zook and Clausen, meaning the SEC East wasn't what it historically was.

But to me, his win total can best be summed up by having arguably the most accurate kicker in program history and some of the best defensive talent ever. The OL was amazing and his receivers were as deep as Ga has ever had [multiple all conference players at each position]. How many of those games did we win with a Bennett kick and how many of those games did our defense keep us in it? [remember when Ga was red zone incompetent, that changed as soon as DJ stepped on the field]

Not trying to discredit anything he did, because it was A LOT and I also was a student at the time. But lets not let recent memory force us forget performers of the past who were amazing leaders and talents!

Anonymous said...

Has nothing to do with age. Greene was the winningest quarterback of all time.

All time.

It doesn't matter that Tarkenton had "a real pro career." That's not what the poll asks.

82 said...

That #2 RB thing is something we've discussed recently. I think you are right on with Hearst and Hampton and other names you might have to consider are Worley, Musa (1300 yards one season), and maybe even Edwards who in any given healthy game was really good, and then Knowshon. Another year like last year and Knowshon will be pushing Hearst. Oh, and Brett Millican!

Trey said...
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Anonymous said...

Charley Trippi at #2?

Jim Wood said...

It just depends on how you interpret the question. If the question was, "Who is the best passer in UGA history?" I think it would have to be Zeier. But, that wasn't the question. I still voted for Zeier though.

Greene was a great leader, had a great supporting cast, and started every game for four years. But to me, he's not the best.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:53 here,
Realist has a good point but in terms of modern era, Trippi doesn't qualify. Although he has to be mentioned in terms of the all-time greats - just not someone that immediately comes to mind.

Oh yeah - and don't forget ole' Sterling Boyd!

Hobnail_Boot said...

I've talked to some old-timers who would say Hershcel is #2 behind Trippi.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

David Greene - because winning is everything.

Is Tim Tebow the greatest UF QB ever? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Loser.

Anonymous said...

@ Hob Nail

My old man would be one of 'em. He loved Herschel (who worked for a relative of ours in High School), but he still says to this day that Trippi was the best to ever strap 'em on at UGA.

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