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December 18, 2008

Michigan State will be ready

No doubt about it. A victory over UGA would be only Michigan State's third 10 win season in 111 years. The last Spartan team to hit 10 wins was Nick Saban's last squad in 1999. They beat Florida in the Citrus Bowl that year.

The Spartan coaching staff is also heavily selling their underdog status to their players. The Bulldogs are currently a 7.5 point favorite in the game.

The Big 10 has won 7 of the last 10 Capital One / Citrus Bowls. Since 1992 when the game went to strictly a Big 10 vs. SEC match-up, the record is 8-8. All-time the Bulldogs are 2-1-1 including games played when the event was known as the Tangerine Bowl.

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Anonymous said...

MSU is going to get hammered. This will be UGA/Hawaii part II.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right but given the fact this year's team seems to easily lose focus, I would not count this as a win yet.

Anonymous said...

The only question I have is will the defense be ready and perform?

Anonymous said...

We haven't hammered anyone all year. Even if we move up and down the field on them, this season's history dicatates that we will find ways to shoot ourselves in the foot and keep MSU in the game. I am reasonably confident that we win, but I will be surprised if the win is by more than a touchdown. Mind you, I hope I'm wrong, I'd LOVE to see us actually come out and play a complete game!!!!! Just no reason to think it will happen, based on what we've seen ALL YEAR.

Anonymous said...

sorry, meant to say "dictates" in the post at 8:56.

Anonymous said...

Our defense is awful against the run and we are not going to win this game unless our impotent DC undergoes a brain transplant.

We have not been motivated, focused, disciplined, and hungry all year. Why the hell should that change now?

Look for MSU to run away with this in the 4th qtr. Pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stat about the Big 10s success in this bowl.

You got to figure the Big 10 team in the game has usually had a pretty successful season, while the SEC team is usually disappointed and many time the SECC loser

Anonymous said...

If our defense is focused and ready, we'll blow them out. If our defense plays like they did in the Tech game, it's going to be a long, slow, painful process and I don't expect the Dawgs to come out on the winning end. If we are going to win this game, the defense must understand that we have to play on THEIR side of the ball and not be afraid to hit someone.

Anonymous said...

Can't see blowing out MSU like UGA did to Hawaii. MSU runs the ball pretty darn well; UGA tackles very poorly.

Will MSU be more inspired to play? Can Richt work some magic and get the players motivated to play in Orlando when the hype at the start of the year had them playing in Miami?

Anonymous said...

What on earth has anyone seen from the Dawgs this year to think that we will blow anyone out?

Our offense is either a quick strike or a 3 and out. Our defense does not tackle consistently and generally takes an entire quarter off per game.

Our special teams is ABYSMAL. Richard Samuel is a trainwreck as a KOR man, we do not have a kicker capable of getting the ball past the 10 yard line and we have a 3rd string QB with no shake returning punts or downing them inside the 1o.

Our good players are worried about where they will get drafted and our backups will be out getting drunk all week. I expect us to play decently until Mich St. punches us in the mouth, at which time we will roll over and die like we have all year.

Anonymous said...

Good gracious guys, I'm all for critiquing my team, but this "whoa is me, all of our players suck," crap is getting way to excessive. Keep in mind that MSU is a power running team like LSU without as much speed. They don't run an option oriented attack like Tech, Kentucky, or Auburn. If Atkins and Irving play like they're capable, we win this game.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for piling on a little, but sheesh, fellas.

Of course, I don't recall the hate-on-UGA bandwagon being this crowded since before the '07 WLOCP. Before, that, it was the days before the '06 Auburn game.

Anonymous said...

It's just been a lost season, what can you say? I expected them to play a good game against Scu-didn't. Expected us to show off against weak Pac-10 team-sloppy at best, thought it was maybe just a tune-up.

Trainwreck the next week. Series of late survivals versus middling SEC teams. Quit in the 2nd half vs. UF. Had an off week to prepare for gimmick offense, might as well have not even practiced at all-literally, made Kevin Ramsey's preparation look like Belichik.

In between all that have been arrest after arrest after arrest.

Why would we expect anything to change against Msu? Honestly? What would make you think that?

We obviously have no leadership from the coaching or the upperclassmen, and there is no way for that to develop in the three weeks preceding the bowl game.

Anonymous said...

As one of the above anonymous, realistic commentators - my tone would not be near as negative if this were 1996. It's one thing to be disappointed in a season, it's quite another to have the TEAM we have and see them (and the COACHING STAFF) muddle through this promising year with so little regard for potential.

The fact is that this squad is far capable of achieving much more but has instead chosen to tackle like women, behave like fools, and concentrate like a nat. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a potentially great TEAM underachieve - particularly in the fundamental elements of the game.

Crane said...

Hey PW? Do you have to be Anonymous to comment on this board?

Michigan State is Alabama without the Offensive Line, Defense, and Sun Dresses.

Why do you think Saban left Michigan State?

Sun Dresses.

Anyway Ringer will get some yards, but I think UGA's Offense Rolls Them.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I would hate to read the posts if UGA had a season like UT or Auburn or Michigan or Notre Dame or...

Yes it was disappointing, but these are just kids. Heck, I think Samuel is/was only 17 this year. These are not professionals, so I do not feel we should be bashing them as much as some do. The coaches, there's more room there, but come on...We're 9-3. Not 3-9. I don't care if the SEC was down or if our injury plagued team under performed.

Last year, yes, just last year, Alabama did what? Florida did what? And look what they did this year. I wonder if all the Florida and Alabama fans were spewing as much hatred and ill-will towards their teams as the Dawg fans are this year...

God help us all if UGA ever has a losing season again, for I feel many would take their own lives.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if all the Florida and Alabama fans were spewing as much hatred and ill-will towards their teams as the Dawg fans are this year"

Alabama fans certainly were.

Florida fans are the most delusional in college football. They'd think they were hot shit even with a .500 record, cuz CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP and such. Shocked the hell out of me that they actually dropped the hammer on Zook, I mean...times were great then cuz CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP and such. So yeah, 9-4, 5th place in conference...they thought they were awesome.

Anonymous said...

If it was a day or two after a big loss, I'd expect all the angst. However, a lot of Georgia fans and apparently every ANONYMOUS poster need to get over themselves.

Boo Hoo, the season didn't work out the way I planned so I'm going to demand firings across the board and take cheap shots at our players.

Good grief. If you can't get excited for the chance to watch UGA win in a New Year's Day bowl, then please turn in your Dawg paraphernalia and season tickets at Butts-Mehre as soon as possible. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Woe, woe, our team sucks.

That is my sentiment for this year, the rest of the country pretty much agrees with me, and Urban Meyer said it with his vote and his rampant scoring.

Dear Fans, Players, and Coaches: Until we recognize that this teams sucks we will not be able to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Let's just have a little reality check for the "we're not that bad" people:

We beat no team currently in the Top 25.
Our points-against average is virtually tied for the worst in school history.
We lost by 39 points to our biggest competitor.
We gave up 409 yards rushing to a team that we had two weeks to prepare for.
We lost to a team that completed ONE pass against us.
We gave up another 200 yards to a true freshman quarterback who could not pass the ball.

We have had worse teams that I have been much more proud of. This team is an embarassment because of their lack of toughness, discipline, and fight, not to mention their inability to learn from their mistakes.

Sorry. You can't call some other team's fans delusional if we can't face the reality either. What quality team could possibly be worried about facing us? You think MSU thinks they'll lose, after what Georgia Tech did?

Anonymous said...

off topic, but i thought this was funny:

Tebow to ask NFL to determine draft projection.

You don't need a committee of experts to tell you you're a 3rd rounder if someone falls in love with you and a 5th rounder if they're being realistic.

Anonymous said...

I hope to God that we beat the shit out of MSU so that all these anons will STFU and get over themselves.

Anonymous said...

Well said, dr. mike.

Of course, the only thing preventing suicide after a loss is that these anons get to come back to a chat room and tell everyone how smart they were for saying UGA sucks. That's how they hedge so they have something to gloat about whether UGA wins or loses.

What they don't realize is that no one GAS what they think before or after the game.

UGAfanINclemson said...


I'll bet 90% of these anon's are UFags that have thier blouses in a bunch after hearing that Tebow elected to ride the practice team for the Lions for 4 years (before stepping up to 3rd stringer of course), rather than staring at Jorts(TM) for one more season.

I have this crazy idea (way out there) that UGA might just still be a great team - maybe not quite the team that the media built them up to be over the off season, but oh well, sh*t happens - I am more of a fan than I was at the beginning of the season, just like last year and the past 29 years before that. How many teams out there would quite literally wet themselves for a chance at a 9-3 regular season? About 98 of them to be exact...

I think that UGA has a better chance against MSU than LSU has against GT? And about the same chance as Bama has against the Utes and the UFags have against OU.

MSU has the sixth overall offense in the Big 10, the fifth overall defense in the Big 10, and the tenth overall special teams in the Big 10.

So there, GO DAWGS, GO SEC, and fu*k all you UGA haters.

UGAfanINclemson said...

And by the way...

MSU did not JUST loose to State Penn and OSUcks, they also lost the season opener to Cal, CAL I said. I have respect for the MSU squad - just not scared-they-are-going-to-beat-UGA respect.

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