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May 2, 2009

Hoops Update

Earlier in the week, Coach Fox hosted a lunch Q&A session with the various UGA beat writers. The conversation shed some light onto the recruitment of Daniel Miller, Trey Thompkins' future with the team and his overall philosophy.

Overall, it sounds like Trey is sticking around. The biggest clue being that he's hosting recruits. There's no way in hell that he's hosting kids if he was about to bolt. He's a good kid that had never faced anything competitively equivalent to losing 10+ games in a row. Managing and navigating that sort of public failure isn't easy for anyone. He's got to grow tougher physically and mentally, but he's got a great future.

On the scheduling front, UGA has backed out of the ESPN Hawaii "Diamond Head Classic." I'm actually in support of this move this season. We've already got Missouri, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Georgia Tech and St. John's on the books.

This team isn't going to make the NCAA Tourney so scheduling for even greater RPI/SOS strength probably doesn't make sense. Fox probably needs to schedule for the NIT, and that means winning some games. A separate interview said that Fox is close to inking 2-3 more games; however, the final few games on the schedule (the bottom feeder "buy" games) will probably fall into place at the last possible minute. BTW -- it'll still probably be a tougher scheduled than many of our SEC and ACC peers (excluding the Vols who schedule tougher than anyone on the planet in hoops).

BTW -- You know what really excites me about Coach Fox? He has already used the term "offense" more in less than a month than Coach Felton used it in 6 years.

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Anonymous said...

Way to play for the NIT losers!!!

Unknown said...

Anon 1;08,

Why don't you post your school affiliation.

I'd wager it's Tech. Who had a worse record than us last year, and can't afford to fire their coach. The same coach that will likely have a nice run next year with 1 year wonder Favors...and then be stuck with Hewitt's sub-mediocre ass for the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Not Tech.

Regardless, the best you will do with Fox is the NIT. Even Hewitt's mediocrity is better than whatever Fox will bring.

Anonymous said...

PWD: Must be a Wildcat still smarting from the loss in Lexington.

rbubp said...

Who cares about some anon idiot? Fox was the right hire given the situation, and if we go to the NIT this year I'll be damn happy.

We have nowhere to go but up. Myself, I believe he'll get us there.

Anonymous said...

PWD: If you are going to steal links from the Scout BB message board, you should at least participate now and again.


Anonymous said...

"Fox was the right hire given the situation"

LOL, Fox was the right hire given he was the only person in American who would actually take your garbage job. Hey, at least your program is better than Nevada's!!

Hunkering Hank said...

Yeah, anon, him and Bobby Knight.

rbubp said...

Anon 4:48, let us in on who your sh*tbag team is. Unless you're a UNC fan, I don't want to hear about it. No SEC team has been worth a damn lately, and the ACC teams haven't been that great either except for Carolina.

I honestly don't get why fans of other teams spend their time on rival sites. What's the lure? You have so little to do, such a pathetic life, that bating us is outstanding entertainment for you?

F'ing loser. Go back to your room in the basement and get in your porn before your parents get home.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ rbubp. Maybe it's because we like to read about more than one team and, aside from desperately clinging to Fox as the basketball messiah he's not, PW does a decent job putting up a sports blog. Are you telling me you only follow UGA and don't watch all other teams?

I'm guessing based on the fact you got your panties in a wad so easy that your life is four times more pathetic than mine.

Anonymous said...

all = any

Anonymous said...

PS - My comment is really in response to all the flack you give other teams in football for scheduling weak opponents instead of strong ones yet don't give to your own school when they do the same thing in basketball.

Scheduling cupcakes so you can get to 14 wins is laughable. Not to give advice to UGA, but it would be much better for the program to schedule some tough teams, get your ass whooped a few times, and actually learn from the game, than by drubbing some no name Georgia/Alabama school by 40. But hey, if you want to get to the NIT so bad go for it. I'd just rather have my team get a few more learning experiences that can get them to the big dance a few years out.

rbubp said...

No, I don't follow other teams; I have never even bothered to look up any other team's blogs. It seems like a huge waste of energy to me, especially bothering to comment on how bad a bad team is--boy, maybe I'll go to the Mississippi State site and point out how bad they suck in football, as if their fans didn't already know that! How fun would that be??

Rad said...

Anon, and yet you still fail to identify what team you like to follow. Several hear have asked that question, and you conveniently avoid answering it each time.

Come on, Anon. Man up! It easy to come onto a blog and anonymously trash a team. Why don't you use a handle so we can consistently identify you and your incredibly insightful comments? Most won't mind if you would like disagree with what is said here, but take some ownership of your comments and sign in under a unique name.

By the way, I think most here will agree with me when I say that I immediately discount comments from someone who starts a conversation by calling someone a loser. It's not that I'm a sensitive person, but if I want to talk to someone who likes to call others names, then I'll go find the nearest six year old.

Unknown said...

I still say....

Post the name of your favorite team, and we'll compare schedules when they are finalized. The games we already have booked will STILL be competitive with what your team is booking.

BTW -- I have never said that Fox is the messiah. Just that he's done the right things so far.

Unknown said...

Stealing content?

There's more than one place that had those 2 links. My inbox being one of them.

Anonymous said...

I guess in Nigeria, they haven't found out what happened during the 2008-09 basketball season. Good luck to Felton in Africa, he'll need it... seriously.

Anonymous said...

Boy this guy is a refreshing change to the paranoia of the past trainwreck!

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why it matters but my favorite team is Oregon State... start comparing schedules.

rbubp said...

yeah, wow...Howard twice in the same year, I see, LOSING TO THEM, and you lost to YALE at home, and you were 13-16 last year...What in hell were you talking about, again??? At least now we know why you didn't let on who you were for, if that's actually the truth, anyway.

at Howard L 47-45 0-1
at Nevada L 79-71 0-2
Yale L 53-52 0-3
Montana State L 82-79 0-4
at Fresno State W 62-54 1-4
at Iowa State L 63-50 1-5
Nebraska W 64-63 2-5
Seattle Pacific W 71-67 3-5
Howard W 90-54 4-5
Seattle W 59-50

Anonymous said...

LOL at the person who actually analyzed the Oregon State schedule. Not sure I can remember the last time I even saw them play basketball. Nice try though.

The point here ISN'T what team I like. It's a UGA blog right? Why not keep it on topic and discuss UGA sports instead of trashing whatever team I claim to support.

You are declining an invitation to a reputable tournament because you don't want the losses. Funny thing is, it's not like the teams in that tourney are that tough anyways with Charleston, St. Mary's SMU, UNLV, USC, Western Michigan, and Hawai'i. With any luck you could make it to the finals by beating UNLV/St. Marys. From my own personal observations, it's much better to schedule tougher competition and learn from those losses than add a couple more worthless games to the schedule.

Thanks again rbubp for affirming my belief that you only want to know my allegiance to trash that team and justifying me not disclosing that team.

rbubp said...

As already said, you may have a point, but starting out by insulting everyone here is going to call your objectivity into question. Posting the schedule in all of its pathetic ignominy just proves that you are a monumental hypocrite--as suspected all along, Anon 6:26. Can't mind your own, so you're gonna mind somebody else's.

Part of the rationale for canceling is that Fox wants to leave room for some decent out-of-conference home games that fans will want to see--and likely thinks that said tournament will not be terribly prestigious. That's the point. Attendance is an issue here, so let's try to get some decent games on the home schedule. I'd very surprised (and disappointed) if they come away with games against the likes of Belmont or Kennesaw State.

Ball-U_Dawg Triangle said...

"Anon" has a posting style very similar to that of the "CalipariUK4EVER" (formerly Gillispie4EVER) poster who was over on the UGASPORTS hoops board until recently.

rbubp said...

"The point here ISN'T what team I like. It's a UGA blog right? Why not keep it on topic and discuss UGA sports instead of trashing whatever team I claim to support.'

Actually, the point is that starting off with aggressive, childish accusations does not lead to an adult conversation; and that people who do this are nearly always from rival schools, often with very little to brag about themselves. Certainly, most likely screamers come from UF, UK or GT. And they have all sucked lately themselves, so the sunshine can be pumped right back into your own gas tanks.

Those who assert the stupidity or hypocrisy of others can expect to be examined similarly...speak loud and ye shall be spoken to loudly. (from the great book of made-up medieval-sounding proverbs)

Anonymous said...

I am very excited about Mark Fox becoming head coach of the University of Georgia basketball team. The whole state loves basketball. And alumni and fans can certainly show this very young, but experienced coach, a warm welcome!!! In these interesting times, when Kentucky can take a chance on Calamari, I think, Georgia has made a great decision. Old, successful coaches that have won a championship or two, had to start somewhere. Good luck, Coach Fox!!!! I'm looking forward to the opening tip-off in October. Best of luck!!!

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