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November 7, 2009

Quick Thoughts from Fox's Debut

I went to the Georgia vs. North Georgia exhibition game last night, and I would describe the experience in two words. Hope Inspiring.

Offensively it doesn't even look like the same team. We have a plan now. Under Felton's regime, how many times did Sundiata Gaines* bring the ball down the court and seem to aimlessly dribble out the shot clock or pass to a big man at the top of the key who would turn it over...because that's what big men do when they handle the ball at the top of the key.

It was maddening. We lacked player movement, ball movement and purposeful passing. Players were not put into a position to be successful offensively. That's not what I saw last night.

We pass. We move, and we don't dribble the air out of the ball. When Dustin Ware brings the ball across the court the passing takes over and the dribbling comes to a near stop. There's a plan of attack.

I'm not saying our ills are cured. They aren't. The team still has too many shooters and not enough makers. The opposition will zone us to death, and I'm not sure we have the shooters to punish them for it.

But we have an offensive plan now. And it's a plan that should bear fruit. Give this coaching staff a chance. Put your butt in a seat and cheer. Because the visually depressing product of the past few years is now one that inspires hope.

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Oh yeah...Trey, Dustin, Leslie, Barnes and Price looked dramatically improved.

*Not a shot a Sundiata. He was doing what he was told to do.


Anonymous said...

Agree on all accounts. The big men looked to finally be in shape and a step quicker inside. I think this team will be better at the end of this season than any Felton team. Give Fox two years to get a SG in with Ware and Thompkins and Leslie, this team could become a contender. Hope is the most important thing for fans, and he showed us that.

Mr. Sanchez said...

The physical improvements (just leaner, quicker, more explosive off the floor) were very noticeable.

Couple things--
Gotta work on FTs, that wasn't good.
Need to do a better job against the press as it seemed we struggled some with it.
NEVER have Trey Thompkins bring it up again. Maybe to half court, but he needs to find a guard quickly after rebounds.

The good--
Chris Barnes and Travis Leslie played great.
I liked Demario Mayfield too, looked like he had good size for a G and loved when he'd get the ball defensively and quickly get down the floor attacking the rim.

It was a good exhibition, and a crowd as big as several games the last few years. Looking forward to more the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Wish we had some video highlights.

I saw the practice vid on and was shocked at how filled out Mayfield is.

If Leslie is the answer at the 2, then we have a pretty solid starting 5.

Any inkling as to who the backup PG will be? Mayfield or Williams?

We should have a solid 8 man rotation with very good frontcourt depth.

As bad as Felton was, he actually recruited ok, just could not coach to a kid's strength.

I am very excited to watch this team grow.

Anonymous said...

Of course the team is going to be better. Mark Fox is a proven coach. He will turn out to be a MUCH better recruiter than Flashy McReggie. Fox had unbelievable talent at Nevada.

Sam (my actual name) said...

Anon 10:59

Felton was a "proven" coach as well, as he not?

Felton won at WKU. He went to the tourney. It turned out he as not able to reproduce that success, but let's not get all hype up over some exhibition game against---who was it?

I am optimistic with Fox.

The Watch Dawg said...

Thanks for the recap. I was planning on going myself, but couldn't make it. Your description of the offense though is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Georgia is going to surprise in the next couple of years.

Will said...

I doubt anybody in Red & Black could actively take a shot at Sundiata, considering he was the heart and soul of our basketball team for roughly 2 1/2 years.

USAFdawg757 said...

You said it PWD. BUTTS IN SEATS! What will kill the Mark Fox era quicker than anything is poor fan support. Let's get out in force and PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!!

Boogers said...

Sad when you have four weeks of the football season left..SEC Champ Game...and Bowl Games..and your talking about Basketball...what are you guys Duke?? oh...yea...Duke will be going to a bowl game this yr...maybe you guys will play them!


Unknown said...

Well ya see if you look at the top of your browser youll see "Georgia SPORTS dot blogspot" Not Georgia Football dot blogspot ya jort wearing commie.

The Watch Dawg said...

Everyone needs to get out and go to Stegeman for the season opener against New Orleans. Online special is $5 when you enter the code "FOX" at checkout. Let's pack out the coliseum.

Sam (my actual name) said...

UGA rolling over Tech!

Okay, it is TN Tech.

Anonymous said...

Funny how sometimes a plan comes together as it matures as well. Perhaps this team will actually improve as the season progresses instead of that other thing we watched for the last several years.

coreyugacubs9 said...

i havent seen any highlights yet but i like the positive edge this team has this is the happiest ive seen a georgia basketball team this early in the season in a while and you never know maybe with alot more confidence this team mit suprise people but we have to take it one game at a time and at best this season a NIT birth would be awesome

RedCrake said...

Win, lose, or draw, Fox had me at "Run all the steps in the stadium"

Mark my words, Georgia will be a legit SEC contender in 2-3 years.

Mr. Sanchez said...

The Gator is just upset we are going to finish above them in the East standings this year. Bet ya wish Billy D had taken the Magic job now huh?

And Will, I think the shot was more at the system Sundiata had to play in, and his lack of teammates. I'm not as down on his recruiting as others like Paul, but while some were headscratchers I think his problem was more retaining kids than recruiting them.

And anon @10:49 am yesterday, Vincent Williams will be the backup PG with Mayfield working in at SG and SF. And Leslie is all SF, not a 2. Expect the starting SG to be most likely McPhee, and if not him either Anyaorah or Mayfield.

Andy said...


I agree with your words, and I markfox them. I'm thinking we'll all have a lot of fun watching this year.

Wade Wilson said...

Why does Boogers continue to post here? Oh that's right. He's a miserable person. Either his wife is fat and ugly, or he hates his kids, or both. That's assuming he was ever able to attract someone from the opposite sex. My guess is he's an ugly, hairy, and fat waste of skin.

Also, he has yet to produce the proof I have been asking for. He has claimed on several occasions that he is a hardcore UF tailgater with a huge decal loaded RV. Just post a pic of yourself at your tailgate or in front of your RV. Why haven't you done this so far or even acknowledged my request? Oh that's right, cuz you're full of shit. You're just a fat homo who has no affiliation with the University of Florida and you get off on trying to piss people off.

You're pathetic and I feel sorry for you.

At leasst hurry up and google someone else's tailgate and try to pass it off as your own.


matt b. said...

I would have liked to see some new uni's this year, new coach, era and all. Current ones are just aren't that sharp.

Bryan said...

So to recap, Wade called boogers miserable, his wife (should she exist) fat and ugly, a kid hater (don't really get that one), a bad suitor, an ugly, hairy, and fat waste of skin, full of shit, a fat homo, and pathetic.

Somebody's mom didn't breast feed him.

Anonymous said...

Felton set UGA basketball back 20 years!

Anonymous said...

"Felton set UGA basketball back 20 years!"

LOL, I don't know if there was 20 years of uga basketball to begin with!

Y'all can't have given up on your football season yet?!?! The last uga related football post was a week ago. Since then you've had one on the refs, a few on basketball, one on the pick em, and one on the ACC bowl bids. At least give Ealey props for showing that someone at uga can run the ball. I'm a nerd and I didn't even get to see the game cause I'm not about to lay down $50 on uga sports. Can I please get someone's take on it aside from Mark Bradley or Mr. College Football er Tony Barnhardt?

See you kids in 2 weeks. And also please don't come to that game 5-6. - Bug #1

Anonymous said...

Humphrey probably won't play Friday night.

Joe said...

this blog is starting to bleaux

The Watch Dawg said...

Joe is a Homeaux.

Johnny Blaze said...

Joe speaks the truth.

Watch Dawg is a bitch-eaux. :D

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