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September 8, 2011

Garcia Through the Years

The did a poll on the walking sex that is Stephen Garcia.  You can vote here for your favorite Garcia. 

I have put together a handy voting guide.  All pictures are from the website.  I assume they took them from the upcoming Playgirl pictorial "The Men of Northern Hillsborough".
Year: Actor to portray himMotto Drink of ChoiceStats
2007: Played by Billy Ray Cyrus
Where are all the high school chicks?MickeysRedshirt, but did hook up with a several cougars at Gervais & Vine.
2008: Played by Vincent D'Onofrio, circa 1988
Love is like an earthquake, you just ride up and down, hanging on for dear life.  In the morning, you call a cab.Black Hole shots, Grolsch chaserWas a hit with art students and punk girls. Oh, and definitely the townies. Decent season on the field.
2009: Played by Tom Welling
Like, Cold Play just moves me. Mojitos, Cutty and waterReally came into his own on the field (239/432, 2862 yds).  Really grew into the big man on campus, so to speak, with the sorority crowd.

2010: Played by Scott Stapp post Creed
Hos before Bros.Natty Lite, PBR chaserAwesome season, culminating with a five star night in Atlanta, yah know what I mean boyz.
2011: Played by Ashton Kutcher
Yes, that is a foot...ball in my pants. Jack Daniels, neat.Set a new record for suspensions.  Living much cleaner, meaning he always at least gets a name and number first.


(h/t @EDSBS)


Bulldog5711 said...

Nicely Done!

Ginny said...

Oh em gee this is amazing.

goalinestalker said...

First one looks like a fat version of Tanneyhill! Well played Sir!

Anonymous said...


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