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November 20, 2012

First and Only Georgia Tech Hate Post

Being from South Georgia, it is really hard for me to get too worked up over Georgia Tech. Being the son of a man who grew up with Tech being the best program in the SEC (yes, SEC) during his childhood, I get my father's hatred of the Techsters. His hatred isn't anything near what they'd have you believe on Sting Talk or the Hive, but they also think all Georgia fans are married to their cousins, major in animal sex, and drink moonshine. That being said, this week always brings out the best troll in every rabid Tech fan.

You shouldn't have made fun of the dog.
For my part, I think the general disregard many Georgia fans feel for Tech only feeds the Tech fan's need to ramp up the hyperbole. We've seen the pejoratives used online and in person. We all have a Grant Field story that ends with a grandmother spitting at you, yet the random Tech fan swears that any unsuspecting Tech fan in Athens will likely be gangbanged by marauding bands of gangbangers who are intent on gangbanging anyone in yellow jonquil sunglow goldenrod old gold. And probably tear your ACL off while stealing your wine coolers for good measure.

Tech fans all have that fetish.

To me, my dislike for Tech always goes back to the death of the Ugas and how Tech fan's celebrate that. I know someone will bring up Georgia's glee (and this blog's glee) over the wreck of Tech's Rambling Wreck. Let me put it into terms you Georgia Tech fans graciously giving us hits on the Georgia Sport Blog will understand (unless, of course, you failed out of engineering and now have a management degree):
A living animal that is someone's pet and cannot be repaired when he is gone>>>>A car
To that end, let us call for the end of these hostilities. Can we just have Clean, Old Fashioned Hate? Can we openly mock each other without hyperbole and needless bashing? Is it possible to find common ground in the fact that we both have earned the right to play are playing in our respective conference championship games? Does it have to be this way?

Wait, who was I talking about? Tech? Yeah. To Hell with them.



Anonymous said...

I beat the rush...Been hating the NERDS for some time!

watcher16 said...

They take it past dead dogs. Saw a comment on the hive today that said "The only good dwag [sic] fan is a dead dwag [sig] fan."

Anonymous said...

Stop inbreding your dogs and maybe they won't have genetic defects and die so quickly. Spitting grandmothers? Seriously? And, UGA wins next two games it will also have "backed in" to the national championship game if ohio state is still undefeated. Because if not for bowl sanctions, they would be playing notre dame as it stands today.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget what I witnessed in 1997 at Tech. Bottles thrown, cheerleader attacked, and cursing and other things that would get you thrown in jail in some countries. Tech = no class!

Anonymous said...

The definition of "backing in" to a championship game is when a team does not win their way into the game, but gains entry due to someone else, who actually earned/won their way in, withdrawing (Miami) and someone else gaining entry (Tech) when they do not deserve to go.

Ohio State was out of the picture before the season started, so they were never in contention to begin with. Miami, however, withdrew from the ACC Championship game after beating Tech and earning their way into the game. Completely different scenario.

Georgia doesn't make their conference schedule (something that most people don't seem to understand as we are always said to be "ducking" LSU or Alabama as if we had a choice). The fact that South Carolina beat us 2 years running, but failed to beat Auburn in 2011 and Florida in 2012, 2 teams that we beat, seems to escape some people. If they had won either of those games, they would be SEC East Champs based on head-to-head against UGA. BUT.....they didn't.

We have won the games we needed to win and you won't hear any apologies from UGA.

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