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July 29, 2005

Top 10 Things Overheard Said by Georgia Tech Freshmen

UGAs Home Presents....

10. "Where do they post the dress code?"

9. "I can't believe it. This is where Hochtuey Sheshmed went to school before he became northwest Nepal semi-regional chess champ. I-have-arrived!"

8. "We're college men now. Let's get tats of our SAT scores!"

7. "Finally, a place where other kids get beat up a lot too."

6. "What's a 'kegger'?"

5. "Hey man, excuse me but aren't there any girls at this school?'am, I'm terribly sorry. I didn't realize."

4. "THERE'S my dorm. No wait...that's another city office building"

3. "So we won't ever get dates and this is what we do!? I grandmother told me to never do this again."

2. "Really? We have sports teams? What are we called?"

1. "Hello? Mom? It's me. Well I've been here a week, I think I made a biiiiiiig mistake."

Written By Ugas Home for the Georgia Bulldog un official Sports Blog

UPDATE: The Techies are building a response to this. Check it out here. lol.


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