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October 7, 2005

Best Line from Bobby Dodd Stadium tonight...

Best Line from Bobby Dodd Tonight. Some D-bag GT fan looks to his wife as he's walking past me and my dad to leave the stadium, and he says "Hey babe, why don't we go to the UT vs. UGA game and wear GT stuff. Won't that be funny. Look at these dorks."

I notice that he's leaving with the ENTIRE 4th quarter to go and promptly ask him..."If you go to Neyland will you be leaving there early too?"

Even the GT fans around me gave me high five. LMAO.

What sort of tool talks trash while quitting on his team early?

Separately - I only saw 9 people at the stadium or on MARTA that were wearing UGA materials. Anyone that says UGA people were everywhere driving them crazy is either a liar or sat on the other end of the moon from me. And I sat in 2 different sections after upgrading my seats in the 1st Quarter, and the UGA fans were exceptionally quiet.

In fact, most of the GT fans around us were very cool (except 2). One was the douche above. The other was the guy that wanted to fight after the game b/c I was talking with my 60 year old dad while wearing a UGA shirt. Funny how he waited til the other UGA fans had split to come over and threaten me (the smallest guy left). Kudos to his Tech buddies for talking him off the cliff. They made the right call. Fulton County Prison would've been hard on him with his delicate features.


Anonymous said...

If they fight like they play football there was no reason for concern.

Dan said...

PWD, I was fuming when folks started filing out after taking a 4 point lead with well over 10 minutes of game-clock left. I would have thrown up a high-five as well if I had heard you say that.

What section where you in? I had some pack-fans in mine and one or two dawgs, but the dawgs were quiet the whole night and the pack fans were just standard fans.

82 said...

I was with about 8 other dawg fans and a FSU fan. We all love to see Tech lose except for the fact that we didn’t get to see the end of the game no thanks to a DB NCST fan:

We originally sat in the corner of the end zone by the NCST band. We were all decked out in Ga gear having a decent time with no one really saying too much to us about the Dawgs. We did get a middle eastern tech student come up to us and say, 'you guys have better girls and better football' but that was about it.

In the 3ard we tried to get the NCST crowd noisy for a 3ard down stand so we scattered out and start pumping our hands up telling them to get loud. It worked for a couple of plays but then GT scored and that was that. We ended up all back sitting together this time in the 3 EMPTY rows right behind the NCST band. They were great, we were helping them, they were loving us. We even had a 5 minute conversation with the band director to try and get them to play Glory, they didn’t know it (of course) but were nice enough and excited enough at the idea that they wanted to learn the words and sing it. We gave up on that but you can see the attitude of these fans. I have also been to Raleigh for a NCST game and everyone was nice then too.

About 30 minutes into our new seats we get confronted by an NCST fan sitting behind us. The band was standing, we were standing yet a guy 3 rows back starts trying to tell us to sit down cause he cant see. We proceed to explain to him that if we sit we wouldn't be able to see and all he had to do was stand up, then he could see fine. He wasn’t having for it though, he completely flips out, I tell him that we are helping you, don’t get mad at us, that we don’t want any trouble, but we weren’t going to sit. I mean it is a football game, not a movie. I knew it was over when I turn back around and he is gone, I look up the isle and guess who he's got? Yep, 2 cops. Now, I do have to explain that we weren’t throwing around curse words, there weren’t any children around, we weren’t being all drunk, just standing in our seats and yelling loud on the defensive plays. So they come down to remove us, they didn’t let us explain, they didn’t want to hear our side, they simply said if you don’t have tickets for this area then you are gone. So, we leave, one cop was laughing though, she thought it to be pretty stupid but was doing her job all the same. They remove us from the section, and we went, didn’t agree with it but we couldn’t do much cause we didn’t have those tickets. Most of the fans were sad to see us go because we were the only ones cheering.

After getting kicked out of that section we try and decide what we are going to do next when an a NCST fan comes by and gives us 8 extra tickets for that section. So we decided to try and get back in cause now we have legit tickets. Well before we could even make it back to the stairs the cops show up again, this time with reinforcements, and even though we had the tickets now, we were escorted completely out of the stadium. These cops were so retarded, they treated us like high school thugs who were starting fights and cursing little kids and that is far from it.

One guy left his jacket and when he went back to get it he had 2 ladies tell him thank you for being there and being so enthusiastic.

We missed the end of the game all because one guy in his 50's thought he was so above us just because he WAS an NCST fan and we weren’t officially I guess that his lack of compassion forced him to tell the cops on us that we weren’t in our seats. It would be my guess that any normal person would actually feel bad for what he did after the fact. He got 8 25+ year old men kicked out of a game that they also paid to get into all the while trying to help his crowd by pulling for his team. Why this one guy needs 3 rows of empty seats in front of him I don’t know but he was a complete jerk about it. Needless to say, for me it only took 1 NCST jerkoff to ruin my perception of NCST fans all together.

This isn’t the first game that we were reported to police for not sitting at Bobby Dodd. Last time we were more fortunate cause we were in our paid for seats and there was an off duty cop a couple of rows back. He saw what happened and when the cop tried to escort us out without listening to us again (he just told us to shut up that we were leaving) the off duty guy talked the other cops into not throwing us out. That was the Thur game against Maryland a couple of years back.

Dan said...

So 82, you were at the Joe Burns craps the bed in the closing seconds versus Maryland and at last night's game. If I find out that you were at least year's Reggie forgets running out of your own endzone is bad game versus VT, I'm going to have to hunt you down and make sure that you never come to a Thursday night Tech game again.

Nothing personal of course.

82 said...

JD, I wasnt at that one so looks like you are in the clear. I was at that 51-7 lose 2 years ago but I can't seem to remember who Tech was playing though? hummm...

Dan said...

I'm not sure either. Although apparently Tech thought they were going to be playing the Madame LaRoche School for Girls instead of a top 10 team that day.

I think it's time to move to the Tech mantra:

How many days until basketball season?

jason said...

To they guy that made the comment to his wife about going to Neyland: If you're so lame that you're going to leave before the fourth quarter when you own team is playing, I doubt you have the fortitude to travel to watch two other teams play. And, you know, if enough Georgia Tech fans bought tickets, it would not be neceaary to bundle Thursday night ACC games with the Ga-GT ticket to make gate receipts look good for all three games. That leaves us Georgia fans with three tickets. What are we supposed to do-chalk up the other two tickets as a loss? It was YOUR idea, not ours. We would never conceive of such thing.

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