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November 4, 2005

Buy GT vs Wake Tickets or Dave Braine will KILL this Kitten...

Yesterday, Georgia Tech offered a desperate plea for someone to take their supply of Wake Tickets off their hands. With only $15, they will throw in 4 tickets to the game, 4 cokes and 4 hot dogs.

Today, athletic director and wheeler dealer expert Crazy Dave Braine uttered the classic, "But Wait There's More!!!" He has now added 2 free hats to the deal. But Crazy Dave's Ticket Shack hasn't given up on marketing this game yet!

The Georgia Sports Blog's Investigative Team snuck into the WSB-TV studios during the tapping of Tech's latest TV spot in which Crazy Dave yells:


Please. Think of the Kittens.


Anonymous said...

If they're UGA hats, I might consider it...but only if he still shoots the kitten.

Nathan said...

Thanks for getting the word out for us, it was packed yesterday!

Joey said...

Better late than never?

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