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November 19, 2007

SEC / ACC Bowl Predictions

Sadly...Evil Richt was back on his meds Saturday (image: Hipple)

The AJC has their predictions up as does My Readers Digest version of the predictions for Georgia are these:

- Beat GT / UT beats UK / LSU beats UT: Sugar Bowl
- Beat GT / UT beats UK / UT beats LSU: Orange or Fiesta*
- Beat GT / UK beats UT/ UGA beats LSU: Sugar Bowl
- Beat GT / UK beats UT / LSU beats UGA / UF beats FSU: Outback
- Beat GT / UK beats UT / LSU beats UGA / FSU beats UF: Citrus
- Lose to GT: Outback, Peach, Cotton, who the hell knows.

* If LSU loses to UT, a 10-2 UGA would only be guaranteed an at-large BCS slot if we're ranked #4 or higher in the final BCS poll. With LSU coming off an SECC loss and possibly dealing with a coaching search, UGA would probably be a favorite for the Orange or Fiesta over LSU. But it won't be a lock unless we're Top 4.

Bowl Predictions:
National Title: LSU vs. WVU
Rose: Ohio State vs. Oregon
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs. USC
Orange: Boston College vs. Kansas
Sugar: Georgia vs. Virginia Tech* (assumes Hawaii loses one)

Capital One: Florida vs. Illinois
Outback: Tennessee vs. Wisconsin
Cotton: Auburn vs. Missouri

Chick-Fil-A: UK vs. Virginia
Gator: Clemson vs. USF

Champ Sports: FSU vs. Penn State
Music City: Arkansas vs. Georgia Tech
Liberty: Mississippi State vs. UCF
Meineke Car Care: Wake vs. Rutgers

Independence: Alabama vs. Texas A&M
Emerald: Maryland vs. Oregon State
Boise Lonely Trucker: Last bowl eligible ACC team vs. Boise State
Texas Bowl: South Carolina vs. New Mexico
Holiday: Texas vs. Arizona State

Agree? Disagree?

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Hobnail_Boot said...

Hey Paul, should the 3rd-5th lines be UK beats UT?

I'd prefer the chance to play LSU (win or lose), but an at-large Sugar Bowl bid would be one hell of a consolation prize.

Paul Westerdawg said...

yeah - brain fart.

TCDevilDawg said...

You think the Citrus would pass on a 10 win UGA team vs. 9 win (in state) UF team?? I would think the City of Orlando would want UGA.

Anonymous said...

Beat Tech.
UK wins.
We beat LSU.
Maybe play for the big one if miracles pan out.

Beat Tech.
UT wins.
I want to play anyone but Va Tech again. Not to complain about the Sugar, but God-all-mighty there are so many teams that would make for an interesting matchup than those farts from Vicksburg.

Anonymous said...

Where does Notre Dame fit into the BCS picture? I thought they were guaranteed an at large BCS bowl as part of their NBC contract??

PatinDC said...

I also agree about VT. Blecch.

Since we are stuck with the BCS, I would now like to see them loosen up the traditional bowl assignments. I would love to see an SEC team in the other BCS bowls. As it is now there is almost no chance for an SEC rep to go to the ORANGE, FIESTA, ROSE etc...

About ND (tee hee) I think they are BCS eligble with one more win NOT!

Anonymous said...

Noter Dumb has to actually win games to make it to the BCS. They have to be ranked in the top 8 to get an automatic birth. Yet, regardless of whether they go or not, they still get...

$1 million dollars (place pinkie on corner of mouth and insert maniacal Dr. Evil laugh)

More info...

Paul Westerdawg said...

Folks complaining about VT in the Sugar.

this year the Sugar gets the final selection of available teams. The available pool for that final slot will be teams like:

Boise State
The ACC's 2nd best team
The Big East's 2nd best team

All the other BCS conference 2nd best teams will already have been assigned by the other selecting bowls.

Of that group....VT, UVA or BC are all more appealing to me than Boise, Hawaii or UConn.


Dante said...

Notre Dame is the Sir Robin of bowl games. Notre Dame, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-USC who had nearly fought Ohio State at the Fiesta Bowl, who had nearly stood up to the vicious Chicken of Georgia Tech at the Gator Bowl, and who had personally wet themselves against LSU at the Sugar Bowl.

When it comes down to it, I'd rather see UGA take their chances against LSU than hope Tennessee loses. LSU probably has more talent right now than UGA or Tennessee but it's not so far off that a good Tennessee performance is worse than a bad LSU performance. If the Tennessee team that showed up against UGA shows up against LSU, UGA is in trouble. Likewise, if UGA makes it the the SEC game and the team in black shows up, LSU is in for a world of hurt. said...

We just better damn focus on this coming Saturday against Tech. In a year of upsets, this is the only scenario I'm concerned about right now.

Anonymous said...

Evil Richt might have been on his meds, but Evil Willie was in full force. That was one heck of a performance by our defense against a very difficult scheme (I think Doug put it best when noting that defending UK's secondary is like an endless game of three-card monty).

I might be mistaken, as I was sitting in the 600 level, but wasn't it Willie who got nailed with the sideline warning? Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I don't see South Carolina making a bowl game after they lose to Clemson this weekend. Pretty big collapse for the Chickens.

Jason said...

I think you're stretching to assume that Oregon is going to win games against both UCLA and Oregon State with Brady Leaf as their quarterback.

Remember, this is a Leaf we're talking about here.

I'm leaning much more heavily towards USC making the Rose Bowl, as opposed to Arizona State or Oregon.

If ASU ends up with two losses (and the second loss is to USC), however, there's a very good chance the Fiesta Bowl would take a 2-loss ASU team over UGA at the Fiesta Bowl, should Georgia win out and not make the SECCG.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I don't think we'd make the Fiesta, but figuring the scenario that would involve us going there made me dizzy.

I agree with you re: Oregon. Upon further reflection, it is a stretch to assume that they'll win the final two games without their QB.

That said...aren't they playing a Karl Dorrell coached team? That means they have a shot even if they put the University President in at QB.

macondawg said...

While I don't particularly relish playing VT in another bowl game, I have to say I agree with Paul, it beats playing Boise again. But I would love to see what we could do against BC. We still owe them one from 2001.

In other words, I'd rather play the ACC #2 no matter who it is than the Big East #2 given the Sugar Bowl of which we do not speak.

Also, the recruiting guy in me knows that we've been recruiting Virginia/New Jersey hard the past couple of years, and beating Beamer or BC in front of a national tv audience wouldn't hurt us on that front.

Jason said...

Oh, of course Oregon's got a good shot against UCLA.

Which means they'll probably lose. I've stopped trying to guess how UCLA games are going to turn out.

At any rate, Mandel has his bowl predictions out, and they're just WEIRD. He has Illinois playing Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. That would mean that the Fiesta Bowl would forego a Georgia vs. Texas matchup to grab Illinois before us.

I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say that would be one of the dumbest ideas in the world for the Fiesta Bowl.

He's got KU vs. LSU in the title game. That's a noble thought, but I still have a very hard time seeing Kansas beat both Mizzou and Texas/OU in the Big 12 Title Game.

Still, if that scenario would come to pass, I think that would be the best chance for UGA to make it to the Fiesta Bowl, with Texas selected as an at-large team as well. I'm really holding out for that, now that there's pretty much no chance in hell Georgia ends up in the Rose Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Piss on the BCS.

I just want an opportunity to play LSU and see how good we really are. To me a chance against LSU this late in the season in a championship game would be a National championship.

To be the best you gotta beat the best and if we can beat LSU in December we can beat any damn body.

Dawg19 said...

Beautifully put, Dante.


Tennessee has gotten their asses kicked by teams with good throwing QB's...especially on the road. But they keep pulling these Houdini acts. And which Kentucky team is going to show up? The one that beat LSU or the one that fainted at the sight of Mississippi State?

Damned Vandy...they can drive and kick a field goal to ruin our Homecoming but can't return the favor against their biggest rival to help us out. They are useless...

I agree with is looking like a trap game right now. We've got our attention so focused on what might happen in Lexington and what BCS bowl we might go to. You know the jackets have this stuff posted in the locker room as motivation.

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