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April 9, 2008 Profiles Knowshon Moreno

Andy Staples of compares Knowshon to a Super Hero as he works to tell the back story of our legend in the making (Image: Hipple). The last paragraph (Page 2) is the best:
Moreno already seems poised to join the Justice League of former Georgia ballcarriers that includes Garrison Hearst, Tim Worley and Terrell Davis, but does he have the superhero chops to earn his way into Walker's one-man pantheon? In December, Herschel and Special K filmed a segment that ran on Fox minutes before the kickoff of Georgia's Sugar Bowl rout of Hawaii. They walked between the hedges at Sanford Stadium and chatted. Walker showed Moreno different push-up styles. Moreno challenged Walker to a 40-yard dash. At one point, Walker turned to Moreno and spoke.

"The only thing that separates us now," Walker said, "is the Heisman and the national championship."
Separately, check out Kyle King's article on why he thinks UGA can win the National Title in 2008.



Mark Castleberry said...

Herschel was 3 for 3 on SEC Championships too. Would love to see Knowshon and the Dawgs pick that up too.

Anonymous said...

Herschel cut right into the meat of the matter didn't he?

He is the King. He will always be the King.

But it will be great to watch Moreno chase him.

blackertai said...

Win 2 or 3 SEC championships and a MNC or two, and Caesar might need to watch his back.

Junkyarddawg34 said...

CBS also has/had an article on Knowshon:

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