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July 25, 2008

The More Animated Mark Richt

The New Orleans newspaper wonders aloud if the schedule is too much for the Dawgs. My favorite part of the piece includes this exchange about the more animated, more emotional Mark Richt:
The icy Richt demeanor, one forged as offensive coordinator at Florida State and then honed as the sole play-caller at Georgia, had a chance to melt when he turned over game-day signals to offensive coordinator Mike Bobo. Untethered at last, Richt realized he could show more emotion on the sideline.

Despite the obvious success against Florida, Richt said the new persona had some critics. After he'd spent "two or three games getting in the ear of officials, " he said one of them looked at him with astonishment during a game and said he thought Richt was a class act.

"I am a class act, " Richt said he barked back.
Like I've said numerous times. Let "Nice Richt" do the press conferences, but let Evil Richt out of the cage for game day. Man, we'd never lose.

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Anonymous said...

I guess being a "CLASS ACT" to SEC officials is to remain quiet and let them run rough shod over your team. Possibly, the officials could use some schooling about class acts rather than class clowns.

Ludakit said...

Evil Richt doesn't have time to handle playcalling duties. He's only got time to win and rock your face off.

Screw McCain or Obama. Evil Richt for President. And with that ticket, who needs a VP?

easportsnightmare said...

Let's just hope that the scenario in this link does NOT actually occur. I think this is the Doomsday outcome. Florida winning the SEC East and UT, Auburn, So Car, and GT finishing better than UGA (7-5 overall). Ugh...

Anonymous said...

According to media ....Evil Richt teams will be dead by the time they hit the UF game because of the SCh.

Did yall hear that joker ...JIM Rome.. he said ...we've now piss off UF and that their "superior program" and "superior athletes" are going ot TKO the Dawgs in '08.

Where's Jim Everett at when we need him

all school said...

Dear Easportsnightmare:

I am no software engineer (or any other kind of engineer), but I have heard it said "To err is human, but to really screw things up, you need computers."

Hilarious results like this really make you wonder about the accuracy of Al Gore's computer models that predict you will be able to buy beachfront property in Gwinnett County within 20 years, but that's another thing.

As for whether the referees approve of Evil Richt's sideline demeannor, Evil Richt scoffs at their weak protests, just like he scoffs at their weak calls. Evil Richt urinates pure genius every morning. He cant be bothered with the complaints of lesser men, especially people like Penn Wagers and Urban Meyer.

Anonymous said...

Evil Richt can simply walk into Mordor.

If Evil Richt is on the sidelines for every game, we'll be unstoppable.

carter said...

"After he'd spent "two or three games getting in the ear of officials, " he said one of them looked at him with astonishment during a game and said he thought Richt was a class act."

I would be willimg to wager that this was Penn Wagers in the Auburn game.

chance said...

Anon 2:50 - JR would not be as popular as he is today without being a little controversial. He's simply stirring the pot and quite frankly I welcome it. I'm for anything that will keep these boys humble over the course of the season. If that means they play the entire damn schedule with a chip on their collective shoulders, then so be it. As sweet as it would be to win in Miami in January, it would be that much sweeter to win after having anybody and everybody in the media say there is no way it's going to happen.

Go Dawgs!

Hobnail_Boot said...

Rome is a bully who is identifying with Urban Meyer, another bully.

Funny thing about bullies though, they never know how to react after getting punched in the nose.

Anonymous said...

Rome's been making snide comments about Richt for a while now. Didn't he try to make a joke about Richt having recruits over to his house for ping pong?

-- RF

carter said...

If Jim Rome, Mark May, and Skip Bayless ever appeared on espn all @ once, the magnitude of doucheness would lead to a wormhole in which the universe collapses into itself.

Anonymous said...

"I am a class act, "

Loved that line.

You can put Richt in the Batman movies... playing Two-Face.

Meyer is already the Joke(r).

all school said...

Jim Rome is the worst kind of bully. He's a tiny man with a microphone and a camera trained on him. He's the kind of mouthy midget who probably got his ass kicked daily through high school, and now he's getting even with the jocks who ckicked his ass by cracking wise on ESPN. Of course, now he's untouchable. His untouchability has only emboldened him to be a mouthier punk. Even his incident with Jim Everett only served to demonstrate "hey, I can get away with saying anything."

Frankly, the more I hear Rome, the more I wish Everett had gone all Georgia Tech Pizza Brawler and just dough popped him instead of turning his chair over. If a moron like Rome loves Urban Meyer, Richt must be doing something right.

all school said...

Hmmm. As if any more evidence was needed that Jim Rome is a whiny moron, I present the following exhibit: None other than Terence Moore of the AJC is seated on Rome's show this very minute, an honored guest sharing his vast knowledge with a grateful America. Thank you, Van Smack.

The over and under on how long it will take Terence to work 1. Lester Hayes, 2. Joe Morgan, 3. Notre Dame, or 4. The absence of African Americans in (fill in the sporting niche of your choice here, other than the NBA) is approximately 30 seconds.

Emotional Fescue said...

Coach K is probably the most well respected coach in college basketball and his treatment of officials is roughly equal to Marcus Howard's treatment of Colt Brennan. Bobby Cox has been thrown out more times than anyone and he's one of the best ever.

Evil Richt is one of my favorite topics. Evil Richt, and not the Devil as many had believed, is what the majority of 80's metal bands worshiped. He was the inspiration for more than half of all Iron Maiden songs. As one of the more famous Dutch folk figures, children in the Netherlands are told that if they don't brush their teeth at night, Evil Richt will cut their hair as they sleep to look just like his! And finally, Coach Richt's phrase: Finish the Drill. Evil Richt's phrase: Drill the Finish. Also acceptable: Drill the Finnish. Evil Richt has no time for Finland.

Andy said...

Speaking of Finland, have y'all seen the G-Day recap On Demand? When they're interviewing the players and coaches, what's up with the Satanic imagery backdrop? The bulldog with blood seeping from its mouth, eyes bloodshot like something from The Exorcist? It's cool and I applaud who/those that painted it, but WOAH.

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