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August 15, 2008

USAToday Bloggers Look at Knowshon

Tebow's Heisman

USAToday has Moreno among their Top 5 non-QB Heisman Candidates for 2008. I agree with that part. I don't agree with having Ian Johnson on that list. Boise State? I mean seriously. They'll have a legit Heisman candidate the same year I step on the Olympic medal stand.

Otherwise, it's a good list. When you look up and down the Top 25, you don't really see that many non-QB Heisman Candidates.

My guess at the Heisman invitees to NYC (regardless of position):
    Tim Tebow
    Bennie Wells
    Knowshon Moreno
    Pat White
I don't think Missouri, Kansas or Texas Tech will do enough in terms of Wins and Losses to get their stars any real consideration, and Bradford at Oklahoma is too far off the Heisman radar right now.

Agree? Disagree?



Anonymous said...

Not to diminish TS' importance to the OL, but we have nt had season-ending injuries to starter(S) on the OL or anywhere else. We've had ONE major injury - that's all.

Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Bennie Wells for Heisman!

Joel said...

"will do enough in terms of Wins and Losses to get their stars any real consideration"

I thought that would have been the reason Tebow lost last year.
I guess I was wrong.

Paul Westerdawg said...


If Dixon stays healthy, I don't think Tebow wins. There just wasn't anyone else who deserved it. I mean his numbers are sick and all of that. But people with sick numbers have lost the Heisman plenty of times.

If Dixon doesn't get hurt, the Ducks were a STRONG, STRONG candidate to play for the national title.

His numbers (extended over the full season assuming healthy) would've been:

3,000 yards passing
28 passing TDs
5 INTs

793 yards rushing
11 rushing TDs

Compare that to Tebow's Stats:
3,280 passing yards
32 TDs
6 INTs

895 yards rushing
23 rushing TDs

Tebow's numbers would be better. But not better enough to compensate for Dixon playing for the big banana and having fewer losses.

Darryl Strawberry said...

My Heisman Invitees (and order of finish):

1. DeMarco Murray (after dazzling for over 2,400 total yards and 20+ TDs)
2. Tim TebLow
3. Chase Daniel
4. Beanie Wells

Joel said...

PWD - I completly agree about Dixon.

This was my post from last year:

I don't think he deserves the Heisman and here's why:

Heisman winners (in addition to their stats) usually fall into 2 categories a) leader of a great team or b) outstanding player on a below average team. Tebow seems to fall in neither category as the Gators as a team are too good for him to in group B, but not good enough for him to be in group A.
If UF was 11-1 and in a BCS bowl, I'd say he deserves it or if they weren't a top 15 team he'd deserve it.

Looking at the other Heisman Hopefuls:
Group A
Pat White

Group B
Colt Brennan

I'm not sure where to put
Dennis Dixon or Chase Daniel. Usually they'd be in Group B, but this year, their teams are (or were in Dixon's case) contenders, so I guess they'd go in A.

Only 1 of the last 7 winners did not play for a national title in the year he won it (Carson Palmer - and remember USC wasn't very good before that season)

Hobnail_Boot said...

I'm looking at Missouri's schedule, and it comes down to an opening neutral site game vs. Illinois, a game on 10/18 @ Texas, and the season closer at another neutral site vs. Kansas.

They never have back-to-back road games, they avoid Oklahoma, and 2 of their toughest 3 games are in-state neutral games. They're going to plow through their home schedule of SEMoSt, Nevada, Buffalo, oSu, Colorado, and KSU.

Win 2 of their 3 difficult games and they're sitting in the top 5 with an 11-1 record and playing in the Big Twelve CG.

Chase Daniel is an extremely strong candidate to win the Heisman.

Anonymous said...

When you consider Colt Brennan was in the top 5 of the Heisman trophy, there's no reason to think Ian Johnson won't be able to get in the top 5 or so as well....if Boise has a big year. Win it? No way.

Dawg19 said...

Michigan had to play both Dixon and Tebow.

Final (at Michigan):

Oregon - 39
Michigan - 7

Dennis Dixon: 16-25 passing, 292 yards passing, 3 touchdowns passing, 16 carries for 76 rushing, 1 rushing touchdown

Final (in Orlando, a quick jeep ride from the gator's campus):
Michgan - 41
Florida - 35

The GPOOE: 17-33 passing, 154 yards passing, 57 yards rushing, 1 rushing touchdown

Granted, Tebow was playing with a broken bone in his non-throwing hand, a sore non-throwing shoulder, hurt feelings from the Cocktail Party, and was probaly on Demerol, Dilaudid, Hydrocodone, Lortab, Oxycontin and some kind of fish parylizer for all the pain.

So you decide...

freelance fiend said...

If you're just talking non-qb candidates, then LeSean McCoy of Pitt deserves a mention. Very similar numbers to Moreno last season, 1300+ yards. WV couldnt stop him in that infamous game last year despite knowing he was all Pitt had.

Mickey Shamrock said...

I think you're selling the two candidates from Texas Tech well short. Even Mel Kiper pimped both Harrell and Crabtree to be in the race by the end of the year. Tech QBs have always been discounted automatically from the Heisman conversation because of the "gimmick" offense. But, thanks to Urban Meyer and Tony Franklin, the spread is no longer a gimmick. The Harrell/Crabtree combo has just been legitimized. That being said, they're going to have to win ten games to get a Heisman winner, something that, with their schedule, is entirely possible.

Charles N. Davis said...

Um, yeah. Take a look at Mizzou -- they have two games they might be less than 10-point faves in (Illinois and Texas) and they'll probably win both. They are better on defense and the same on offense. I am a HUGE Dawg fan in Columbia, Mo., and the Tigers are my second team, and I have to say, they are for real, for real....

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