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September 30, 2008

College Football Bowl Projections for Week 5

The gurus have spoken, and they are leaning towards a trip to Orlando for Georgia. From the experts:I'm sick and tired of playing Wisconsin in bowls. I'd love to see us in the Cotton, but it's pretty apparent that it will never happen due to their natural bias towards SEC West teams and Tennessee.

Right now the focus for Georgia should be on the SEC Eastern Division title. It's very much within our grasp if we take care of business against UT, Vandy and UF...then we'd likely only need to split games against LSU and Auburn to win the East by virtue of tie breakers and the schedule that the other guys have to play.



BCS-Sucks said...

There will be a 2-loss team in the MNC game again this year. Probably won't be UGA (given our OL/DL woes), but it's pretty likely to happen, imho.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see us in the Cotton. But with our pathetic excuse for a pass rush, Texas Tech is not the team I'd like to see us go up against.

clTDawg said...

well there would be the Stafford angle for the Cotton Bowl....

Paul Westerdawg said...

Sorry guys -- I'm pretty open minded, but i delete GD and the F word.

mitch said...

Dont wonder why we dont get any respect. We have a shot to show the nation we should be #1 and we lay an egg and we seem to choke one game every year. I am beginning to think richt is another mack brown. Its going to take him 20+ years to win his first national title. Teams like USC, Florida, LSU, oklahoma, Ohio State have all won NC lately so they get more respect than us.

brett said...

every time I watch Wisconsin I get bored, it seems like I watch them every year against Auburn ha, Ohio St would be pretty interesting too. Is it only me but why is everyone so low on Georgia now, the east is up for us to grab, Tennessee is looking pretty bad even though it will be a close game. If we can take care of Florida and hope LSU beats Florida also we could possibly make it to the SEC Championship. I really want to play Bama healthier again, probably bc im around Bama fans all day though. I have had atleast ten texts and emails stating, Blackout was a laughout etc....its getting old. Plus national championship for Bama, a team that allowed 31 points in the second half and every bowl projection has them in the National Championship? Not saying we are that caliber right now with the injuries but def a shot at the SEC Championship.

Anonymous said...

Sorry PWD, my language deserved deletion. The bowl predictions are just that - predictions. I could rewind to this time last year and recall how differently the season ended. But we had the opportunity to create something that we haven't seen since Walker and we laid the biggest egg in our history while simultaneously catapulting a team that hasn't done a damn thing since '92.

To imagine that Bama can be a national title contender after going through 15 coaches and suspensions since 2000 makes me mad as hell.

brett said...

excuse me 30...ha, we were the 31 haha ok not funny

Anonymous said...

Bama will not play that perfect of a half or game again. Their second half was far from perfect. They didn't lay down in the second half. IF Dent doesn't slip on a 3rd down pass to the Bama back in flats on one of their scoring drives in the fourth we stop them.
We won't be that bad again. I still like us to win the east. I am not sure Bama' makes it to Atlanta. It wouldn't shock me to see them drop a close one to Kentucky...yes Kentucky. Kentucky is healthy and their defense is geared to stop what Bama does best.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Way too soon for this. All I know is we're 1-1 in the SEC and still control our own destiny.

Sports Dawg said...

If we improve and play the second half of the season as hot as we did last year, to heck with the Cotton. It might look good now after Saturday night, but it won't look so great if we win the SEC (not just the East, but the Conference). We're not done yet.

Dan said...

Wow! Anyone who thinks they can have any clue how the rest of the season will turn out is really delusional. By the way Bama was a "national title contender" much later in the season in 2005, the year before they fired their coach.
And for those of you cry babies complaining about Richt and how "this always happens", you are an embarrassment to me as a Georgia fan. You are probably the type of panty waste who makes the program resort to stunts like black jerseys to try to fire up the crowd. Tell me exactly how many times something similiar to last Sat has happened since 2001. Also tell me how many SEC championships we won in the 20 years before he showed up. However, I would like to thank you fair weather fans because tickets will now be a little more reasonable with less dumb*$#@ driving the price up.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll get a BCS bowl. If not, the Capital One bowl against Ohio State wouldn't be a bad consolation. They get a lot of respect (whether deserved or not) and, ironically, some preseason people picked the two teams to play in the NC game.

Anonymous said...

"Tell me exactly how many times something similiar to last Sat has happened since 2001"

2003 - LSU (SECCG)
2004 - Auburn
2005 - West Virginia (Sugar)
2006 - Tennessee (2nd half)
2007 - Tennessee (1st Half)
2008 - Alabama

TREND ANYONE???!!??!?!!!

But, i love Richt and think he is a fantastic coach and person. This would not have happened if we had all of our players.

The reason we ripped off 7 in a row last year is because we stayed healthy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys, but I haven't given up hope for the National Championship or a BCS bowl. I think our team will rebound like they did last year and have a big second half of the season. Go Dawgs!

BCS-Sucks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BCS-Sucks said...

Another data point arguing for another season with a 2-loss MNC game participant:

The # of AP preseason Top 10 teams that had lost after 5 weeks:

'02: 6
'03: 6
'06: 5
'07: 6
'08: 7

So since Miami moved to the ACC (after 2002), the average distance out of the MNC game that the top 2-loss team has finished (in 12-game seasons) is only just over 1 needed loss (1.33 to be specific)... and we are already, after the non-conference season, ahead of schedule as far as upsets of top teams go...

Yep. There will be a 2-loss team in the MNC game again this year, conventional "wisdom" on the likelihood of that notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

"The reason we ripped off 7 in a row last year is because we stayed healthy."

The reason is because we didn't get out coached and played with intensity. The reason why we lost to Alabama is because we were totally unprepared to play and lacked intensity.

Think about it. Alabama's MO is to knock teams out in the first quarter. What does Richt do? Let's them have the ball first. TD, FG by the 2nd time we had the ball. Take a look at the time of possession. I think we had the ball 3 of 15 minutes.

In 03 LSU & 04 Auburn we just ran into better teams. One was a national champion the other should have been. I can handle those loses because we didn't get outcoached we got outplayed. The better team won.

The real trend started in 2005 with the Sugar Bowl. Totally unprepared to play on defense. 2006 & 2007 against Tennessee the same thing. Alabama this year. Hate to say it but we will never win a national championship as long as Willie Martinez is our defensive coordinator.

What does Blake Mitchell, Erik Ainge, and John Parker Wilson have in common? They all beat UGA their senior years. Someone needs to tell Willie that a senior QB in the SEC will beat you if you play soft zone coverages.

Alabama has the killer instinct that we are missing.

brett said...

I still have faith we DEF will put it together, southerland will be a huge impact for blocking purposes and hes a beast. I just hope to have battle and ellerbe back before LSU.

ucfdawg said...

Is there a new rule that the Sugar Bowl gets stuck with the crappiest non-SEC team available?



brett said...

haha yeah Hawaii also...

Dan said...

thanks. same count I had. My point exactly. Now check out the real history of Georgia football 1983-2000.

Anonymous said...

Have these analyst lost their minds? Alabama in the National Championship, are you kidding me? Alabama will have to stay healthy and play perfect football to win the SEC West (highly unlikely) and if they do win the west, they will not beat Georgia again and would have their hands very full with Florida. It's not going to happen!!

DFine22 said...

Have these analyst lost their minds? Alabama in the National Championship, are you kidding me? Alabama will have to stay healthy and play perfect football to win the SEC West (highly unlikely) and if they do win the west, they will not beat Georgia again and would have their hands very full with Florida. It's not going to happen!!

bobby bulldog said...

Has dfine22 lost his mind? Georgia in the National Championship, are you kidding me? After Georgia ends up losing to Florida, LSU, Vandy, and Georgia Tech, not to mention Roll Tide! Where is your lucidity! NO BOWL FOR YOU THIS YEAR!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 10:12

I agree with you on giving them the ball first. The winning and deferring has become almost clicheic.

You need to bring the heater and announce your presence with authority sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that GA fans ignore Anon 9:00's list of CMR blowouts b/c of what happened during the Golf and Donnan years? Are you suggesting that our expectations return to that level? That the current GA program should be able to lay HUGE eggs b/c Donnan's dogs did it against Auburn in 1999 - or b/c Golf lost to a weak Vandy team in '94? While you're at it - let's recall the 1979 home whipping against Virginia or the Prince Charles game in '77 where they spanked our ass 'tween the hedges.

NO! I EXPECT MORE FROM THIS STAFF B/C THEY ARE MORE CAPABLE!! To those who much is given, much is expected.

I will NOT accept these eggs anymore!!!

Austin said...

I agree with the other posters. The SEC Championship is still up for grabs, because the east is still wide open. Let's concentrate on what we can control, the BCS and polls will work themselves out.

Anonymous said...

You have to be the most pessimistic Dawg fans I've ever seen.

Cotton Bowl? Capital One?

We're not done yet.


Dan said...

Mr anonymous. Please tell me how you expect to "NOT ACCEPT" them.

It happens to all of them from time to time.

Dan said...

By the way anonymous "much is returned" and you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Ok Dan - Since I learned from Robert Goizueta that "To whom much is given, much is expected", I'll stick with the former Coca-Cola CEO's mantra.

Thanks for your kind advice though. Here is a link to help you understand the error of your comment:

Finally Danny - it's arguably worse when a blogger hides behind their "private" profile. I don't post on here enough to justify my own blog "handle". You go ahead and choke on the eggs and I'll continue to expect more from this program. I can guarantee you that any coach worth a darn, especially CMR, does not accept the type of perfomance we demonstrated against AL. As a fan, why should I?

A. Worthington
Savannah, GA
UGA '71
JD/MBA '75

Dan said...

Mr. or Ms. Worthington

I'm still unclear on how you're planning to "Not accept" the loss.
Maybe you will:
A) Fire the coach
B) Find another team
C) Live in denial
I'd think CMR would learn from the experience and improve from there.

Thanks for the link to the quote that I've already heard. I guess you dispute that much has been returned by our staff. Maybe one day they'll never lose another game and give us what we rightly deserve.

I didn't know I was hiding behind anything. I didn't even realize I am a blogger or private. I thougt I was just venting. But since you mention it, I certainly would not want some clown to contact me to argue about something as trivial as my post on this site. I've already spent too much time and effort on it.

Congratulations on your achievements. Quite impressive.

NoopsDawg said...

A Message to the Bulldog Nation:

Anonymous said...

A. Worthington got owned. What a douche.

Anonymous said...

I believe you missed my original point which was not finding these "laying an egg" games acceptable. No, I will never support another team and stand b/h Richt and Co. wholeheartedly. But I believe the coaching staff has a problem as mentioned by Anon 10:12pm. We are simply too good of a program to be embarassed like we were against AL.

I'll let it go now since we can both agree that we love UGA - but I am no ones idiot or "douche", particularly yours.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the blog posters, typically, are pessimistic. Likely because everyone they know personally is tired of listening to them complain.

The Dawgs are a Very Good Football team, but certainly have had injury issues and are young up front.

For those of you who constantly complain about our coaches, who do you suggest as alternatives? EVERY Coach, EVERY Coordinator and EVERY Team has games like Georgia did last week. Though rooting for one team we are myopic and only look at what happens to UGA. But, unless your team is going undefeated every year, your team has at least one bad game every year. Does it really matter if you lose a tight one to an inferior team (UF and USC) or get blown out in a big game (OSU and UGA)? They both suck and count as an L. These are a bunch of 18-22 year olds and it takes a truly special year and some luck to get that MNC. What is great about UGA's program is that since Richt got here, we are as consistently in the hunt as any team in the SEC (can't compare against USC and OSU who year in and year out have less of a schedule). That is good coaching.

Last weekend really wasn't about bad schemes. It was a bad matchup for the Dawgs, some bad luck, and a little bit of snowball effect that occurs with college athletes and because the D was on the field so much. The season is not over, and all the tears will dry up when we lay a whuppin on UT. I hope everyone comes out early and loud like they did for the blackout. As fans, that is our responsibility.

Dan said...

A. Worthington,

I didn't call you a douche, and I shouldn't have called you an idiot. An idiotic comment doesn't necessarily make you an idiot.

Top programs get beaten sometimes. We've got the best coach we've ever had and need to remain grateful. We've kicked ass and won a lot more big games than not since he got here. Check out some of the 5,6,7 win seasons by great coaches such as Dooley and Butts. Suggesting that this staff has problems shows an ignorance and lack of perspective that irks me. Yeah, they're not perfect. But we have the best head coach possible. Georgia coaches have won 2 SEC championships since 1977, and coach Richt is to thank. Herschel won the other three. We are in contention almost every year and this year will be no different.

Thanks for letting it go. Now I can rest easy.

Anonymous said...

This Worthington and Dan guy are a trip. Great to see two passionate Dawg fans jaw at one another. I can see where both are coming from - Dan is extrememly pleased with the overall success we've experienced under Coach Richt and thinks anyone who disagrees is somewhat spoiled and ungrateful. Worthington, on the other hand, is like alot of us that are sick of seeing of seeing our guys play poorly in big games (it IS a pattern). Both are different and both are correct. Bottom line is that we are fortunate to have a quality man and quality coach in CMR and no one is more frustrated about losing like we did to Bama than he.

And for the guy that called Worthington a "douche"....YOU are the douche, and a fool to boot. You may disagree, but the guy makes a good point.

uga grad 82 said...

What is a douche?

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