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September 30, 2008

College Football Pick 'em Leader Board

To paraphrase big John Coffey, "He was killed by his love." I had a bad, bad week going a staggering 7-6 and finishing a calamitous 416th place for the week in the Georgia Sports Blog College Football Pick''em.

Going 7-6 doesn't have to be a week killer. In fact, hundreds of you fared that poorly and "cubbot's picks" posted that number while finishing 7th for the week.

What makes my tally especially whacker bad, would be the max confidence points that I assigned to the Georgia vs. Alabama game. I had to represent my I was wrong on the 13, 11, 10, 6, 5 and 2 point picks. Brutal, thy name is Week 5.

The Overall Winner for September is "Cali_Dawg's picks." CaliDawg has won a UGA t-shirt from, and we're working with him currently to get that in his hands.

There's a lot of movement to be made going forward. So, get your picks in.

Here is the Leader Board:

Overall Standings Through Week 5
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 Cali_Dawg's picks 47-15 355
2 Percy Harvin's Gimpy Heel 48-14 354
3 DOTWU 's picks 49-13 353
4 Milton Dawg's picks 49-13 352
5 accsecblog's picks 46-16 351
5 jbh3rd's picks 49-13 351
7 dawgnotdog's picks 47-15 349
8 The Fightin Emarlos's picks 47-15 346
8 romebuzz's picks 48-14 346
8 onealmi1's picks 44-18 346

Standings for Week 5
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 accsecblog's picks 9-4 73
1 romebuzz's picks 9-4 73
3 The Fightin Emarlos's picks 9-4 71
4 SuwanneeRiverDAWG's picks 9-4 70
5 He's running over people 8-5 69
6 Dawgomatic,forthePeople's picks 8-5 68
7 P-Haynes 44's picks 9-4 67
7 cubbot's picks 7-6 67
7 macdaddy's picks 8-5 67
10 junkyards picks 8-5 65
10 LotharioDawg's picks 9-4 65
10 Cali_Dawg's picks 9-4 65
10 vens42's picks 9-4 65
10 DCDawg1124's picks 9-4 65

Get your picks in!



Smitty said...

I know what you mean. I got a whopping 49 points last week. USC, UGA, Florida, & Clemson really killed me.

Jason said...

Bah! I'm in second place by one point. ;)

I think all of us got pretty slammed this week - I only finished 8-5, but I didn't bet high on USC, Clemson, or UGA.

Florida screwed me, though. How on earth do you lose to Ole Miss at home?

Ross said...

Vote for Knowshon! Goto this link on ESPN and vote for Knowshon and his leap over that dude. Only 1800 ppl have voted so far and he is 2nd but needs help!

Anonymous said...

How do I find the pool?

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