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September 29, 2008

It's Official: Kickoff Time for Georgia vs. Tennessee

As expected, kickoff time for the Oct. 11th Tennessee vs. Georgia game will be 3:30 pm on CBS. UGA has a 34-22-1 record on the network.

I'm expecting the networks to wait until Monday, Oct. 13th to announce the kickoff time for the Vanderbilt game on Oct. 18th.



Anonymous said...

Throw out the record, this is Tenn. Their offensive coordinator may have left but I am sure they still have the last two game plans still lying around. Maybe WM will actually watch the tapes of the last two games to see if we should do something different. In the interest of fairness, for the record, I wanted WM fired before the WV game. Either he learns or he leaves. I will take either but the defense scheming has to get better. If you watch even the games we have won, there have been wide open receivers which the QB may not have seen or been able to throw to. I wish our receivers would be that open.

Anonymous said...

why isn't Casey Nickels mentioned as a tight end sub.

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden, I am over the alabama game and really jacked up for the tenn. game!

I love going to Athens and watching the Dawgs!! I love watching them on TV!! I simply love the Dawgs!

Granted we have some deficiencies at the moment but it seems most teams do. What intrigues me is how the coaches are going to utilize our strengths and overcome our weaknesses.

For all the whooped in the trenches talk, the stats show me that if we clean up our penalties, we're in this game. Plus, we have a knack for coming together.

I couldn't be more proud of our guys in the second half..they played until the final whistle.

Let's seriously pack the stands when Tenn. comes to town and get on with it!

We have some exciting players and I am excited to see them play.

Go Dawgs!

Brent said...

Anon 7:09
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!





Hobnail_Boot said...

Much like the team and coaches, I need the bye week.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:34 :

You wanted CWM fired before the West Virginia game? The year after we won the SEC championship? Do you have your head on straight?

newcastle said...

Best anonymous post ever at 7:09.

80dawg said...

Sorry Paul! I chose a new post name.

wes said...

I was very dissapointed in the way we came out against Alabama, but I do see that we could have been in this game. The roughing call was kind of weak being he was going for the ball but he did touch the face mask. Without the stupid penalties and the drop from Geen, I believe we win this game. We tripped ourselves and it took to long to get back up espescialy with Wilson playing the game of his life. We are better than Alabama and I hope we play with the fire we had in the second half the rest of the season. If we do we will get to the sec title game and I hope we get Bama there. By then we should have the line issues addressed and hopefully come out and get some pay back. SIC EM DAWGS

Anonymous said...

I am, above all, a realist and what I saw Saturday was another exasperating example UGA laying an egg on a big stage - perhaps the biggest stage in 20 years or so. And no - it's not Martinez's "scheme" or Bobo's "scheme". It's the entire coaching staff's collective fault for not focusing our boys. Did Bama want it more? Maybe. Did they physically dominate? Yes. Did we eventually find our mojo and play well? Yes.

That is focus and mental preparedness.

I believe this is a reason why we have a fantastic road record and a lower winning % at home. That is also why Vince Dooley took the team to a hotel in Madison the Friday b/f each home game. To remove them from the distractions - girlfriend calling, mama calling, late night burger king, whatever. Eliminate the distractions coach. As to why we have these letdowns on the road?.....who TF knows?

Andy said...

Listening to the Bulldog Hotline, CMR must hate this, I know I do. Minus Munson, sure, but props to him with dealing with it the way he does (though that's the job of a coach I guess). CMR sounds like a coach not afraid to lose, and I find that motivating.

Everything feels good again, bye-bye Alabama. And stay the hell off our blog.

ChiliDawg said...

Anon 8:54,

The team does not stay in Athens the night before a home game. I know as of 2004, they went to Emerald Pointe out by Lake Lanier. I'm pretty sure they go to the same place.

carter said...

I want some of whatever 7:09 is smoking/drinking/dropping/snorting.

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for AJ. I mean the kid is an amazing athlete who basically led us to victory at ASU. Comes out the Alabama game and has a fumble and turns the game around. He was so emotional and probably feels like he was a huge part of the loss. Its just a lot to handle for a true freshman. I hate all the comments about his fumble being huge in the loss. Oh well, hope he can deal with it. Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time Richt will be less focused on jerseys and cute jabs at the opposing coach with the media, and more focused on preparing the players AND coaches for the f'ing game.


PhilipVU94 said...

I believe CBS has to get Vanderbilt on once between now and the end of '09 (going from memory, may be wrong). AFAICT the only other remotely appealing game on that date might be Carolina-LSU, and yeah, that's the best of the bunch. Therefore I think there's a very high probability UGa-VU will be on CBS, unless our teams go out and lose all 3 combined games between now and then or something.

montgomeryaldawg said...

Anon 9:46, He better learn to deal with it, this is the big boy level. And I have no doubt he can and will deal with it, Heck, I think he already has, he came back with 6 receptions, for like 80+ yards and a score. A lesser man wouldn't have done that. He is an impressive player, I also have compassion on him, however that was a big, critical play.


This is nothing as damaging as last year's lost to ugly orange, that was to me MORE humiliating. I give bama 0% chance of playing that good against us if we played 2morrow, much less in December.

I'M A DAWG, I LIVE IN BAMA, AND I'M PI**ED, But it ain't about bama, it is about ugly orange, Go Dawgs, Sic-um, CMR is DA MAN, We are behind ALL YOU GUYS, GIT'R DONE!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fumble by AJ Green was a big play, but we were down 17-0 when it happened. It's not like it happened on our first drive and changed the momentum of the game. It just made things worse.

The bigger play to me was Ellerbe going down on the third play and the roughing the passer penalty to take away the turnover. There's no telling how the game would've been different had Ellerbe played or if we had gotten that turnover on the first drive.

On to Tennessee.

PUP said...

Take one day at a time. Take one game at a time. Please forget about Atlanta and lets get Tenn. The next game and only game we have is Tenn. I don't care what Fl.,Ok.,or anyother team does let's GATA. The coaches and players need to do this also. Go to practice and do your best every play coaches and players every play.Take care of the present. GO DAWGS

PhilipVU94 said...

I realized I left Alabama - Ole Miss out of the televisible games for Oct 18. (No, I don't consider UTK-MSU part of that list.)

Actually at present it would be a toss-up between those two, but they still need to get us on CBS sometime, so hopefully we can both win until then.

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