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June 21, 2009

Dawgs focusing on Tech and Florida

This is a good thing.



Hunkering Hank said...

As many of my friends (on this blog and elsewhere) can attest, I have long said we need to make a large portion of our offseason about Florida. The only way I know to overcome a problem is to get to work on it. Glad to see the focus on that game. I realize it may cost us against OK State or Carolina or Tennessee or somebody else. But, honestly, if losing one or two other games is the price, I'm buyin'. We don't have the problem with other teams that we have with Florida.

Mike In Valdosta said...

Agreed. It may be dangerous to over emphasize one game towards the end of the season, but if that game is against the best team in the nation it should pay off against all of the "lesser" teams.

It may be overly simplistic, but I know the more time I spend hitting a three iron on the range the more confident I feel when I reach that 215 yd par 3. I spend very little time on the range with a 7 iron in my hand because, well, it's a 7 iron.

Anonymous said...

LMAO at those three GTU white boys in the linked picture with hedges in their mouths.

Their pristine uniforms attest to a complete lack of playing time, and I doubt they saw any action all year.

Looks like they are enjoying acting like they has something to do with the win,

Jacob said...

Michigan did something in the late 70's where they had one practice a week for the entire season in preparation for the Ohio State game. That year, Michigan went crushed the Buckeyes.

Would anybody be upset if we did the same thing this year? Perhaps devote every Monday to Florida or something.

Bryan Carver Dawg97 said...

I don't care if it takes sacrificing a live chicken or getting a bucket from KFC. I just want to win the UF game...

John Burgess said...

That's just great. Another gimmick by Coach Richt. I hope it's more successful than the last blackout.

Anonymous said...

JB....what a dumbass. How is that a gimmick?

Anonymous said...

John Burgess the dunce,
Like the "gimmick" that Florida's staff utilized last year after their 2007 GA loss?

John Burgess said...

I agree with John Burgess.

Anonymous said...

im in jax and i have to listen to these jean short jerks all year long - give me a win against uf and I'm set for a year - most of 08 was so quiet and peaceful

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