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September 1, 2009

Pulpwood Smith on Oklahoma State

Pulpwood comes out of hibernation to address the situation in Stillwater. As always the language is not safe for work. Pulpwood is fairly colorful that way. Remember, he ain't got time for this b.s. He's got kids to raise.

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Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive. This is classic, classic stuff. Thanks, Pulpwood.

Anonymous said...

What is a Pulpwood Smith segment without calling Zac Robinson a pussy?

wqueenjr said...


The Watch Dawg said...

YES!!! Pulpwood is back!

Anonymous said...

Too bad he can't still suit up for us!

Anonymous said...

Pulpwood is my hero.

ej said...

YouTube highlights, season preview magazines, summer practice updates...

You can keep it. I'm not ready for the game until I hear PULPWOOD!

Richard said...

Haven't cried laughing in awhile. Laugh yo ass to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Been waiting all off-season for this!!! Freaking awesome!!!

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