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October 1, 2009

Is LSU ideally suited for this UGA team?

Richt's teams generally perform their best when they are out of the spotlight or dismissed as incapable of greatness. However, give them accolades and throw roses at their feet and the wheels can fall off.

Sure, UGA is favored on Saturday, but LSU is still the #4 team in the nation. And the general feeling is that Georgia is completely off the national radar. That's a good thing for the Dawgs. They need to get pissed off. They need to feel disrespected. They need to get mean.

If UGA stops turning the ball over, it could start mauling opponents offensively. On the flip side of that equation, if LSU's Charles Scott gets going and the anemic LSU rushing attack gets rolling, they could justify their lofty ranking. put up a story last night about the offensive problems of the Tigers. It's a good read. Here's the stats from to consider:

LSU's Offense:

Category National
Actual Conf
Rushing Offense 74 130.25 10
Passing Offense 90 179.75 7
Total Offense 105 310.00 12

UGA's Defense:
Category National
Actual Conf
Rushing Defense 42 112.75 6
Total Defense 67 355.75 11
Scoring Defense 95 29.75 11
Pass Defense 90 243.00 11

You know those games where someone says "it's strength on strength." This ain't that. This is weakness on weakness.



Anonymous said...

Im pissed! No one is giving the dawgs a chance. Just read the ajc. WTF?

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling their tall WR's are going to give our short corners problems. This game more than any other is going to tell us what kind of team we have.

AwesomeDawg said...

Read the AJC? Are you high? What about this squad makes you think they have any shot Saturday? Is it the great defense? Oh, how about our amazing run game? I know, it has to be the stellar offensive line we have. No, it is the ball control we have seen from this team. Dude, wake up! This is a double digit lose on Saturday.

Daniel said...

Me and my bud are smoking a boston butt. The smoker is 7-0 all time @home. We also have a new pecan wood chip trick. I like our chances.

The Watch Dawg said...

Methinks that Awesome Dawg is one of those "fans" who lives to predict doom and gloom every year. If your life is that miserable, just don't tune in.

AwesomeDawg said...

Not miserable, simply real. I would love to believe we have a shot, however, I see no way the Dawgs pull this out. In my above post, what is incorrect? Show me the error in my ways. Please.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, AwesomeDawg, is that LSU is playing just as bad as we are- against lesser opponents.

Anonymous said...

As long as they have 'Smiles" on their sideline....we have a chance!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought -- Doesn't everybody have short corners? if they were tall then they'd be receivers, right? Sanders Commings is the exception, not the rule me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Where is Pulpwood?

war willie said...

Question...where is Marlon Brown?!?! Could we not take 10-15 minutes a week during practice to teach this guy at least one play? I thought Richt learned his lesson about keeping stud freshman off the field (#24)?

wAr wILLiE

Anonymous said...

Will Q said...

I love the Dawgs, but I can't understand how we're favored in this game. Both teams have the same weaknesses except for the wide gulf in turnover margin. I know we've got homefield advantage, a difference of 16 in the turnover department would give me pause if I was setting odds.

Still, if we can protect the ball in this game, I think we win pretty handily.

HawgDawg said...

What about LSU's mediocre performances makes you think there is no way LSU LOSES "AwesomeDawg"? Miss State had 4 turnovers and still were within an inch of beating the Mad Hatter.

We haven't been winning because of luck but rather in spite of it. We have had a season's worth of turnovers in 4 games. Is it good luck that we've given up 62 points on turnovers? Luck, in the form of regression to the mean, is bound to come back to us and maybe Gamble (all pun intended) has two pick sixes like last year. We are not as bad as you think and LSU is not a top 5 team. This team is scrappy and has come back for significant deficits unlike some recent Dawg teams.

How about these intangibles? LSU is terrible in the day and on the road. They nearly lost last week in a road game and have FU coming to town next week. Les Miles if O-fer against the Dawgs.

Your pessimism is irrational!

PTC DAWG said...

With Fans Like Awesome Dawg, who needs enemies? He's a breath of fresh air for sure. :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting story about the night life at Tech

James Howlett said...

Careful Awesome Dawg, pretty soon PWD will come on here and claim you're a "Tech Fan" just trying to get everyone riled up.

That seems to be his justification for any negative comment about UGA. Because "real" Georgia could never possibly have a dissenting opinion! This reminds me of something that happened in Berlin in the 1930s.

Oh crap, now I've done it, now I'll be labeled as a "Techie".

Hunkering Hank said...

Shut up nerd.

In all seriousness, the last thing this team needs is pessimism - even if it's all true.


HawgDawg said...

Ha! I guy with the name Hunkering Hank calls someone a nerd. Classic.

HawgDawg said...

*A guy

VAdawg said...

Can't we all just get along? And admit that no one has any idea what will happen Saturday? The Dawgs are impossible to get a read on and LSU has looked suspect throughout the season. They'll want to avenge last year's home loss to us, and we'll want to keep our streak alive. Both teams have everything to play for (SEC titles and BCS bowl games)and will be fired up. This is a huge game, any way you slice it. While I have no idea who will win, I think we'll have a close game. Neither team is powerful enough to blow the other out. Key for the dawgs will be taking care of the football, containing charles scott and getting a good pass rush. Turnover will be especially important. But then again, when are they not?

matt b. said...

Shultz just posted an excellent article on

Don't Tread on Me said...

Glad to see the Obama/Oprah train derailed.

He had NO business lobbying for the Olympics. Even crooked Slick Willy wouldn't have been that shameless.

I'm absolutely thrilled to see Chicago and thier thugs bitch-slapped in round one.

Now get your ass home MF'er and go to WORK like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

If everyone would keep the Goff years in their minds we could enjoy our 3-1 record. It's time to settle down and enjoy some football. I'm so tired of people bitching I can't stand to read anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

One thing I found interesting readin David Hale's blog a couple days ago was a comment made by Caleb King. They were talking about how LSU runs a very aggressive defense that comes towards the run instead waits for the run like Willie's does. Caleb remarked that he runs the best against those kind of defenses. Could we see it breakout day for him?

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, 2:48. I mean did you see those ridiculous "Knowshon wasn't that good" stuff from earlier? My God, people, get some sunshine.

And tread on me, "go to work like the rest of us?" What kind of work are you in, surfing the blogs?

Go Dawgs!

VAdawg said...

3:13 PM,
Not that i'm a huge willie fan, but it just isn't correct to say that his defense "waits" on the run. We have had great run defense all year and our linebackers are pretty good about filling holes in a hurry. We lack aggression in pass defense, not run defense.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Charles White, redshirt soph linebacker ?
Is he still on the team ?

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