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January 8, 2010

Congrats to Bama

Aside from the obvious of feeling bad for Colt McCoy, I really enjoyed the game last night. I started off pulling for Bama, but as the 3rd and 4th quarters rolled on I really was pulling for the UT comeback.

Now I know how the Russians felt in Rocky IV as they turned on Drago to pull for the underdog Balboa. In the end, Bama was just too much. Even with Colt McCoy, you can't beat a defense like Bama's being one dimensional. Furthermore, how do recruit in the state of Texas surrounded by so much talent and not find a running back and running game in Colt's entire career? I don't get it.

Back to us...I think we'll have our DC by Sunday at the latest.



Anonymous said...

Great read. Thanks Paul. Why do you say Sunday?

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

I thought Texas went too conservative too early with Gilbert. He certainly looks like he has the "goods". Heck, this might be the best defense he ever faces in college and he faced it in his first game.

I think Texas has had injury issues at running back and it might be issues with the offensive line in not developing a better running game. The same can be said of UF except they appeared to have talented RBs.

Mickey Shamrock said...

Selvin Young. Jamaal Charles. Both NFL backs. And Tre Newton ran well last night. That was an extremely unfair (and inaccurate) generalization.

Hairy Dawg said...

PWD - I hope you are right about having the DC in place by Sunday. What gives you that feeling?

Paul Westerdawg said...


UT has the 61st ranked rushing defense in the NCAA despite playing in a league with no defense. They can't run the ball.

What's unfair about that statement.

Paul Westerdawg said...

We wanted someone proven and can't miss like Foster or Chavis. When they turned us down, I think we started waiting on Kirby. He'll have the opportunity to turn us down or not. TTU isn't going to hire a guy with 1 year experience as a DC at 34 years old to be coach.

And if they do, they are stupid.

After Kirby turns us down, we can either hire Grantham or someone else. Almost everyone we'd want to talk to will be finished with their season.

The Cowboys play Saturday. Even if they win, there's no reason not to join UGA if that's our backup plan.

I can't see this lasting beyond Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I have a bad feeling about this whole process. Hope it is unfounded.

Sports Dawg said...

I agree PWD. I believe if Smart turns Richt down, he already knows who his guy will be. And it might be that name that none of us have even considered. He was just waiting for KS to consider the job without the big game on his mind. Id throw $750,000 at Smart & make him turn it down or Bama top it. If we offered (?) Foster big bucks, why not up the ante for Kirby if that's who CMR really wants.

Mickey Shamrock said...


You said "over Colt's entire career," not just this year. Young and Charles were both dynamic backs, and Ogbonnaya was very good a year ago. They just happened to be in a transition year at the position, much like UGA was this year. They're a pass first spread team that's produced two NFL running back during Colt's tenure. So yes, your generalization remains unfair.

blackertai said...

Seriously, they put way too much on Colt's shoulders (no pun intended). Look what happened in the first half when he was out! Gilbert had no chance because there was no running game in the 1st half to take any pressure off him or his throws. It was rough watching him get thrown into that situation. And I know what you mean, PWD. My friends and I were definitely pro-Bama at the start (anyone who denies Florida an SEC title gets a plus from us), but late in the 3rd, we were all pulling for the comeback.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, can we stop using terms like "the goods" or "the real deal"? If I have to hear Kirk Herbstreit call a team or player "the real deal" again, i'm gonna do a murder/suicide. These terms get thrown around too much and they mean absolutely nothing. Herbstreit call a different team "the real deal" every week, until they inevitably lost.

Here's his list of "real deals":

Oklahoma State
Georgia Tech

Need I go on? Just stfu Herby wannabes!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sick of the buzz phrases too. I was going to bet that if Texas won someone was going to proclaim that their intent was to come out and "shock the world", or "show the world" anyhow.

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