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July 2, 2010

Not to Kick a Man While He's Down, But ...

I swear I had this post scheduled before the colossal blunder by Damon Evans this week.  As evidence, I had a similar post last year, so I'm being consistent.  I have to preface this post as such because it's more bad news for the competitive aspect of the athletic department and head man (for now), Damon Evans.  

The final Sears Cup/Directors Cup/Learfield Sports Cup standings came out yesterday, right before Damon's other story broke.  Damon went from bad news to worse because the standings showed the worst performance by UGA athletic teams since 1997.  Georgia finished #20 in the standings.  Final standings can be found here.

The problem for Damon is this:
Check out the trend line for UGA.  The rise over run to that trend line is a decidedly negative number since 2004, the year Damon took over.  UF has been consistently excellent.  LSU has been erratic, but has finished above UGA for three years running now.  It's hard to look at that graph and see anything but a serious erosion of the athletic competitiveness of The University of Georgia over the past six years. 

Look, I get the statistical quirks of the Sears Cup calculations.  But, I'm not comparing us to Stanford, who offers over thirty varsity sports teams.  UF, LSU and UGA have been the perennial SEC representatives in the Sears Cup top 20 for the last ten years.  All three offer the same 19 sports, so the playing field is level among those three (UF has a lacrosse team, but didn't get any points; same for our horse riding program).  If UF can compete for the top spot in the standings, why can't we?  We offer the same sports.  Tennessee also bested us this year (even if you take out their ten points for women's rowing). This isn't MS 312, mutlivariable calculus, or grad level statistics.  It's simple math.  As much as I hate to admit it, we are falling behind our competition and have been doing so for six years running.

I also get that the athletic department makes massive, massive piles of cash money every year.  I understand that academically we are doing as well as we've likely ever done.  On both of those points, Damon can be largely credited, along with several other innovative and even courageous decisions.  But, if a company consistently turns increasing profits into progressively inferior products, how long before its customers start demanding better results and the profits decline?  Or, if we have so many resources, why aren't we leveraging those resources into competitive performance?



Anonymous said...

After the crying episode and the red panties, we will be welcoming a new AD soon.

Anonymous said...

holy arrest report, batman...

Anonymous said...

The arrest report has pretty much sealed the deal. The question is, who do we get to replace him? I say get Radakovich. Adams is probably too much of a politician to do that though.

ColumbiaDawg said...

After seeing that arrest report, now I feel bad for being so sarcastic earlier on. This is just plain sad.

Even if (when) Evans is replaced, it's still Adams calling the shots in the background. The athletic department will not change much in the way that it is run.

Cassie said...

I love your graph Quinton. I wrote a few days a go that we are getting diminished returns under Damon's leadership.

Chris S said...

If Adams fires Evans for the reasons in the chart, I'll back him 100%. If he fires him over a DUI, it'll be one more reason to hate Michael Adams--an intolerant, holier-than-thou SOB who has no tolerance for anyone's mistakes besides his own.

I'm sick and tired of seeing everyone want to rip Evans apart because he made one mistake. I wish the media was more interested in the data in your chart than in the police report.

80DAWG said...

Great job Quentin. Agreed. But the red panties sealed the deal. He's gone. I say we ask Dooley to interim and do a complete search. We need to think this through completely.

AppleDawg said...

He should be fired. A DUI is bad enough, then there is the mystery woman, panties, and crying?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Quinton, for these numbers. I don't profess myself to be a major follower of all the things happening in the athletic sphere at UGA, but I think we all could have said things aren't nearly as golden as they were when Dooley was calling the shots up there. I know he was old and maybe it was time for a change, but there was a reason Athens was often referred to as "Title Town" and the Dawgs were finishing near the top of these standings even w/o the help of football and basketball.

In terms of a new AD, I think the only reasonable choice is Suzanne Yoculan. She's still young; she's energetic and smart; and she KNOWS how to win titles. She loves the Dawgs, and I think she's close to one of Adams's cronies...


Anonymous said...

Chris S ---


Your assertion that Damon Evans made one mistake is borderline insane.

Driving under the influence, reckless driving, adultery, lying to police (3 martinis . . . yeah), bribery, a half assed press conference . . .

All while serving as one of the top 3 highest profile positions at the university who no doubt signed a contract with a behavior clause.

Add to that diminishing returns from the Athletic Department, and quite a few people have talked about that for several years now, and the Adams should come back from vacation to fire Evans' ass personally.

Dawgfan17 said...

Suzanne Yoculan would be an interesting choice. Don't know her management qualifications for what is a huge business but as far as scouting talent (coaches are talent) and knowing how to motivate etc. she would be a heck of a choice. We know she is a winner. Probably not going to happen but an interesting idea.

ColumbiaDawg said...

This is not just one mistake. This is a series of bad personal decisions that have taken place just in the span of at least one week.

And what's to say this isn't the first time Evans hasn't done these things. I know it's the first time that he has been caught in the act.

That arrest report has taken away any kind of credibility that Evans had with me. I could never look him in the face again without thinking about red panties and that mug shot.

For the sake of the athletic program, Evans must go.

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