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January 7, 2011

Grantham a DC Candidate in Dallas?

ESPN Dallas reports that Todd Grantham is a candidate for the DC position in Dallas.  New head cowboy Jason Garrett is assembling his new staff.  The story doesn't say Garrett is interested in Grantham specifically.  It just seems like the writer is listing him as a possibility.

I hope Grantham stays. A switch to another coach or, God forbid, another scheme would set our defense back.  Ask Donnan about constant turnover at DC. 

UPDATE: Grantham says he has not been contacted by anyone from the Cowboys, per ($).



Russ said...

Hope not. Surely Grantham wouldn't go.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Grantham say h wanted to get into "college" coaching, when he came to Georgia.
He is already a DC and made a commitment.
I think he's a man of his word and will stay.

Will said...

Rats off a sinking ship. Or so it seems. If this happens, Richt's a dead man walking in 2011. As much as we fans love him, this will be hard to overcome if it happens.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

Given the fact that after 1 full season our D STILL DOES NOT get Grantham's system, would it be that bad if he left? Yes, CMR and UGA would not look so great. But what does CTG have to show for one full season in the SEC? A loss to MSU, Ark, SC, UF (what UGA coach in the last 20 years doesn't?) Colorado, Aub. Oh, I almost forgot, UCF (not that this L was the D's fault). Heck of a year.

Anonymous said...

Please go. He is Richt's worst hire. Not only has the defense been worse, but he is embarassing. People will argue that the defense is better becuase of various stats. But compare the positions that the defense was put in over the last few years and it is much worse. And tackling got no better, which is what I wanted to see more than anything else. I hope he goes.

Will said...

Oh thank god. Pollack has reported there's nothing behind this straight from talking to Grantham. *Whew!*

Ahsan said...

Its a gr8 news

Left to Right said...

Something has been driving me a little nuts sense this story first appeared: To clarify, Grantham isn't yet a candidate for the Cowboys job. He's just a name brought up by a reporter as someone the Cowboys MIGHT POSSIBLY CONSIDER when deciding who they want to INTERVIEW for the position of defensive coordinator. No one with Dallas has actually said he's a candidate. And yet the internet has the story as "Grantham a candidate for Cowboy's DC", which he's currently not.

ColumbiaDawg said...

I just heard a podcast of Fran Tarkenton ripping into the state of Georgia football and the job that Mark Richt is doing.

Chris S said...

Grantham would be smart to leave. Georgia doesn't appear to be able to land any talent, and the odds are pretty good Mark Richt will be shown the door at some point during 2011. Leave UGA now for Dallas, and his career is intact; stay, and he'll have a big black mark on his resume.

I hope he stays--but I sure wouldn't do the same in his shoes.

RC said...

I have absolutely no insight and no connections, but I do have a hunch that there is something to this rumor. In fact, I'll believe that he is not heading that direction when the Cowboys announce they've hired someone else. Signing day is the natural breakpoint in my estimation. If a hire isn't made by then, I think it's more likely it's him.

Like some on here, I think it is actually a smart career move for him. Like others, I won't be heart-broken to see him go, though I was looking forward to seeing what he could do with the D in Year 2. I also agree that his leaving wouldn't bode well for Richt, if simply because he can't afford another transition/learning year, especially on that side of the ball.

If he goes, some names that are likely to be available, though who knows the level of interest in a program currently on shaky ground, might be: Phil Bennett, Randy Shannon, Everett Whithers (possibly the only candidate at a program on shakier ground than ours,) or PWD's favorite, Chuck Heater.

I'd be thrilled with any of those, quite frankly, though dubious as to how much of an impact they could make in a year.

ColumbiaDawg said...

The last that I heard, Dallas is looking at Rob Ryan of the Cleveland Browns.

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